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Thread: Sony Reveals Popular BBC America Shows to Debut on PSN Today

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    Sony Reveals Popular BBC America Shows to Debut on PSN Today

    PlayStation Store Senior Manager Grace Chen has revealed that popular shows including Top Gear from BBC America officially debut today on PSN.

    To quote: A lot of us around here are big fans of Top Gear, the wildly popular and Emmy award-winning BBC show that features a group of men doing exciting, interesting and potentially dangerous test drives of cars in different environments.

    Now, we are excited to announce the U.S. version of "Top Gear" is making its debut in the PlayStation Network Video Store today. And, for the next two weeks, you can download and enjoy the first episode for free, offering a great segue to today's launch of Gran Turismo 5.

    This is all part of a new television content offering from the BBC, making classic and current seasons of popular TV shows from BBC AMERICA available on the PlayStation Network. Each week, the "Video" section of the PlayStation Store will add additional BBC AMERICA programming, including "Top Gear," "Doctor Who," the channel's record setting science fiction series featuring the eccentric galactic protector, "Being Human," the popular supernatural drama featuring a trio of friends who happen to be a vampire, a ghost, and a werewolf, plus many more hits set to debut in both High Definition (HD) for $2.99 and Standard Definition (SD) for $1.99 on the PlayStation Store throughout December.

    So grab a pint, kick back, and enjoy... Cheers, mate!

    [imglink=|Sony Reveals Popular BBC America Shows to Debut on PSN Today][/imglink]
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    LOL. A Free to air TV show that you have to pay to see. Yea right. Like people are going to buy it. Nice one $ony. FAIL AGAIN!

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    That has to be the first time I've seen History Channel's Top Gear described as "popular". Usually, other words are applied to that abomination that should have been mercy killed at inception.

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