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    Sorry i'm a new user ^_^

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    Is there anything out there that is not over $100 and is easy to plug in and listen and chat at the same time? I like these but they are pretty pricey, just like how i currently use the PS3 official Bluetooth any other Bluetooth will work as well, so is there anything out there the costs less and world like these ?

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    Hello there,

    I'm very new to the PS3 scene. Have been looking around for a wireless 5.1 + headphone setup and found this thread. The local gaming stores (South-Africa) can not give me any trustworthy advice on what to buy and choice is limited.

    Can I buy and use most BT headphones and get gaming sound (single player) I'm on CFW3.55, or only OFW 3.70? ( hope i can mention that fact here, please delete if I'm out of line). I would like a multi platform unit rather than a dedicated PS3 set.

    Many thanks

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