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Thread: Sony Reveals New PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter Attachment

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    Sony Reveals New PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter Attachment

    Today Sony's Hardware Product Marketing Manager Anand Agarwal has revealed a new PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter Attachment which will arrive next February.

    To quote: There's been a lot of talk about what shooter games will be like using motion control.

    We know that some of you gamers might be a bit hesitant to put down the gamepad, but we believe the upcoming PlayStation Move sharp shooter will make motion control for shooter games quite irresistible.

    Available concurrently with the highly anticipated Killzone 3 in Feb 2011 for $39.99 (MSRP), the sharp shooter is perfect for gamers who want to experience the most realistic action possible.

    The PlayStation Move sharp shooter houses both the motion controller and navigation controller, giving you complete control over aiming, movement and interaction within the game. It will truly offer the most intuitive and immersive control experience ever found in a shooter game.

    It was designed for both comfort and precision, including easily accessible buttons, a responsive digital trigger, adjustable shoulder stock and convenient access to the navigation controller. In addition, the sharp shooter has incorporated a firing mode selector, realistic pump-action and a reload button that allow for new ways of engagement.

    So what games will you be able to use the PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter with? The PlayStation Move sharp shooter was designed specifically with games such as Killzone 3 and SOCOM 4: U.S. Navy SEALs in mind and even comes with a Killzone 3 and SOCOM 4 sticker pack.

    Other compatible titles include Time Crisis: Razing Storm and Dead Space Extraction, but you can expect many more upcoming games that will work with it as well.

    We have some more peripherals news to share with you. In addition to the PlayStation Move sharp shooter, a new "Jungle Green" DUALSHOCK 3 wireless controller will also be available in February 2011 for $54.99 (MSRP), to coincide with the upcoming launch of Killzone 3.

    There is already a wide array of colors available in the DUALSHOCK 3 family. Tailored to the core fan, the new "Jungle Green" controller will add yet another option for you to accessorize.

    We hope you're all as excited to get your hands on the PlayStation Move sharp shooter or the "Jungle Green" DS3 controller as we are. Enjoy!

    [imglink=|Sony Reveals New PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter Attachment][/imglink]
    [imglink=|Sony Reveals New PlayStation Move Sharp Shooter Attachment][/imglink]
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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    Doesn't it remind Wii Zapper, really?

    Sony should be more inventive and extraordinate in such things, not only create rip-offs, deleting OtherOS and blocking 3rd party controllers..

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    jenny2010 Guest
    cool.. though a little expensive. I'm still waiting for it.

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    The gun isn't expensive. There is a clone from Logic3 already available, called PS Move Mashine Gun Logic3 on Amazon, costs 19,99€ in Germany. A cheap clone with good review.

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    illevakam Guest
    that's pretty cool, can't wait to get it to be able to use it with Socom 4

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    aamir007 Guest
    Would be awesome playing Black Ops with this.

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    bernywtf Guest
    20€ for a piece of plastic IS already overpriced, and you say that's a clone, so the real one will be more expensive...
    their controllers are overpriced too, 57€ ? that's way too crazy, i'm gonna buy the chinese ones.

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