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    Quote Originally Posted by pip1 View Post
    where's usa's tv recording, europe, japan , australia all can record tv but the country famous for tv watchin couch potatos still doesn't have it.
    That's because all us lazy fat Americans already have DVR's given to us by our TV service providers... free of charge!

    I can only imagine the amount of drm embedded in this thing.

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    Can't imagine paying for any sort of dvr... I've got a friggin computer. Nuff said

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    Lol yea here in the states I have 2 dvr's included in my cable package so it would be a hard buy for me

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    Disgusting. Sony always find a way to get an advantage of our money. Sony, get lost!

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    Reading some replys I think some of you got offended off the couch potato thing, I'm from Detroit MI so don't think I'm some Euro American hater. I would pay for that in advance and yes my cable company gave me a dvr but I am not willing to take it with me to a friends house like a ps3. We still don't have a XBMC for modded ps3's so a dvr from sony would still be useful. I still feel the psx would have succeded if it was released in the us.

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    In responce to the post right before my last, I thought this was a ps3 loving site but since the mod came out it seems like a hate sony site. Sony did a good job with securty and good for them. Now its our turn to do what we want with our hardware.

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    Quote Originally Posted by okutu View Post
    where did you hear this?
    Quote Originally Posted by TheDevil View Post
    Whoa! thats pretty wild, they are really tightning up everything. Also this will only hurt people who are playing it straight. Who dosnt have multiple usb-cables these days and if you accidentally use a wrong one ..

    Of cause something like this isnt unexpected on a console. I bet they would still sell games and movies as cartridges if blu-ray wasnt so much cheaper to make.

    Back on topic: Nice bundle really. Anything that makes the ps3 more of a media machine is a good thing.
    Oh my... The joke went right over your heads.

    He was being sarcastic about the system becoming restricted to Sony-only cables. It's not even possible without revoking the ability to use older Sony-branded cables as well.

    Now what would have been better news about the new official Sony cable is if they had said it was now standard in the box with all PS3s (along with a damn HDMI cable).

    BTW, I thought the DVR looked pretty cool. Maybe, just maybe, users recording large amount of HD video to their PS3s will push Sony to finally release support for USB HDDs formatted with something better than FAT32.

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    i was going to buy one as soon as i seen it, but it seems its only compatible with ps3's from japan.

    i'm in the process of doing a little more research to make 100% sure, since its only $100.

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    Quote Originally Posted by imtoodvs View Post
    i was going to buy one as soon as i seen it, but it seems its only compatible with ps3's from japan.

    i'm in the process of doing a little more research to make 100% sure, since its only $100.
    Yea, I was extremely interested in it, until I found out it was japan only

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    I woudln't be surprised if Sony removes the ability to use 3rd party controllers, since the PS3 (at least with <= 3.41) uses the USB HID 1.1 implementation. One of my older USB PS2 adaptors works but doesn't map every button correctly. The SDK docs (from 1.92) say that you are allowed to support 3rd party controllers that follow the HID standards, meaning key remap option screens, and etc I'm assuming.

    This is so different from 360, where every peripheral except a USB keyboard must have be licensed and therefore will have the X (middle) button on it for branding purposes.

    I would sure like one standard (USB HID for example) so I can use my X-plorer guitars on PS3, Wii, and 360. At the very least, the Rock Band mic (just a rebranded Logitech) works on most games on PS2, PS3, 360, Wii (except for games like Singstar and Lips who seem to want to make sure you have THEIR mics for WHICHEVER particular console you own).

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