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Thread: Sony to Reissue PS3 Firmware 3.56 to Remedy HDD Upgrades?

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    Merlena Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by modmate View Post
    Sony has just released another 3.56 FW to solve the Harddrive exchange issues. Little update from EUSS in the exchange issue:

    And again, do not update if you want homebrew or modified firmware!

    Greets Modmate
    Aha... So if I apply this fix, I mean, I've already updated to 3.56 just to play online again. So obviously this "fix" is on my system right now. That means I'm free to go and change HDDs again?

    I'm just trying to figuring out a way to play some backup games again; and when this reformat thing bricked tons of people, I just want to know if the original drive will be bricked with this "2nd" installed.


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    dyceast Guest
    I don't know if Sony Automatically asks you to re-update again since the V2 came out... But it depends when you did the update.

    If you updated the moment 3.56 came out, then you will have download the latest version and then re-install that onto your original HDD...

    Then you should be able to upgrade HDD's.

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    Merlena Guest
    Thanks for a reply, thought the thread died, haha. Now today I can suddenly upgrade firmware, or whatever, through the System Update, and I'm running on the OFW 3.56 pure OFW. Hmmm.... came up a few hours ago, I'll put in some HDDs and see. I'll reply back in half an hour.

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    stev418 Guest

    We are in the process of suing Sony for 3.56

    "Some of you may have had your PS3 system bricked by update/virus 3.56 from Sony. So have hundreds of others. Read about it on the Sony forums here:

    We are currently preparing a class action lawsuit against Sony. A petition will be available on that forum and Facebook shortly. Stay tuned."

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    Chivafighter Guest
    Wasnt it previously stated somewhere here or officially from Sony that any harm doen to your system due to firmware update is possible or something like that?

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    barrybarryk Guest
    stuff like this appears everytime there's a firmware update..

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    jokr2k10 Guest
    Sony must have lawyers on speed-dial! They sue people left and right for the hacks, LG suing them and there has been a case where someone sued (and won) over the OtherOS removal! Keep Sony in court for their BS.

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    madmax69 Guest
    I'd say if there is so many issues with 3.56 ofw it's time for the REAL professionals to release 3.56 CFW since the amateurs 3.56 ofw is briking so many units

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    stev418 Guest
    even if there is somewhere in terms and condition that says sony cant take responsibilty for their FW, the updates are made MANDATORY for users if they want to be able to have continused access to there purchases. I know there are those that will say its terms and conditons, but terms and conditions dont always hold up in the courts, also keep in mind that the user manual might say that sony cant be held responsible for any damage to your NEW HDD, correct but the issue this ofw is causing is to the PS3 hardware itself, there is no issues at all with the hdd's.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    forget terms and conditions, since everyone downloads the same firmware as long as it works on 1 ps3 of each sku there's no problem with the update. And people can cry mass bricking all they like, I've never come across one thats been bricked by an official firmware update.

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