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Thread: Sony to Reissue PS3 Firmware 3.56 to Remedy HDD Upgrades?

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    dulal Guest
    all those ppl flaming sony needs to thing what are they going through and how are they feeling i dont think anyone would like to be like sony invest make huge market such as ps3 just to get boned by pirates who claim they only hack for so call homebrews and emulators or backup (as if their gonna freaking back up a old cartridge or card game) and back up.

    yah everyone knows how much others back up their "own" game and also for other os oh yah where are the smartass hackers now talking bout oh we hacked to get other os back anyway just saying and other os was removed because of someone and everyone knows who it is.

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    pasty745 Guest
    For everyone that keep saying that Sony is trying to prevent HDD upgrades. Please re-read the first paragraph. They may have to do what they did with 3.41 after it came out after they found out that it was causing issues for certain models. So if they re-release 3.56 it will be to fix the issue that comes up from installing a new HDD. For most people on this site, I doubt this will matter anyway, as 3.55 is the one that has the CFWs and stuff. Just wanted to clear this up. Unless I am somehow reading this very wrong. ^_^

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    barrybarryk Guest
    the thread does make it pretty clear it's a mistake, it doesn't even affect all models.

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    Vivificus Guest
    Sony are hotfixing this; obviously they just wanted to patch the PSN as quickly as they could once they heard about CFW 3.55 running backups on it.

    I just wish we had more news from someone who is working on a workaround for the new OFW, it was nice playing on the PSN with friends again.

    But I guess I'll have to go back in my box until we get a way around it.

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    technodon Guest
    i think that sony had to write firmware 3.56 from a very early version maybe even start from scratch to incorporate the new keys and security, they must have forgot that they patched this and the DNS bypass trick.

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    Garakk Guest
    shoot into a knee. Seems Sony is doing it without much thinking on it. I had to replace my hdd 2 weeks after I get it from the store. I wish HDD won't broke again... fail.

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    ps3mania Guest
    this could well be a stealth move by sony for hackers not to jump on hacking 3.56 right away and give them time to strength the 3.56ofw. what would be te point on jb the firmware now with this issue think about it!

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    Brenza Guest
    I don't know what to say... The same problem twice times, sony i'm really disappointed.

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    B4rtj4h Guest


    Good move ! Sony is SMART! The nice thing here was... i can have 1 HDD inside of my PS3. I clone it with a program in Linux and i have an EXACT 1:1 copy of that disc.

    Now i can patch/hack/CFW/.... 1 disk while i still have a backup of the original... so i do not risk losing anything. If the CFW or whatever is messed up or a risk for my PS3 i just swap HDD .

    Now i think of it that would be a nice way to play.

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    Xalies Guest
    Changing the HDD does not change the firmware though.

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