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    BluRay Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Djmatrix32 View Post
    I wonder if PSNinja is able to really help out if this is the case of them ban hammering people.
    PS Ninja = history wipe + hide MultiMan right? Thats probably not enough. History wipe can only be done on CFW, so thats probably enough proof that you're using CFW. Also, pretty sure If you turn on your PS3 while connected to the net you already send Sony info of your PS3, so they can probably see you're using CFW + homebrew. I really wish playing non backup games while on CFW wouldn't get us banned...

    The current unban method isn't reliable enough, you just use another PS3 console ID right? That means you can still get banned that way and you aren't really getting "unbanned" to begin with. The way things are going, I'm pretty sure there will be some decent ban protections so we can get on PSN while on CFW just fine.

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    Chivafighter Guest
    Damn i've been gone too long, thats what happens when you get a job out of college haha. Anyways, from i remember when geohot released his exploit and the first multiman came out, Sony did that Ban hammer and it banned both the PS3 and the PSN account.

  3. #83
    wwywong Guest
    Just check my email so far I haven't receive that yucky email. I'm going to turn off my wireless until there is any solution (or not). I don't care about PSN.

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    G Sus Guest
    looks like they doing the same again, sony dont realise that by doing these things they force their customers to go and adopt an inferior console (xbox360) that wouldn't have half as many customers if sony weren't being gits all the time

    the result means sony having to compete with an inferior product when its sony that keeps giving them a helping hand. people dont just stop running cfw, they just buy an xbox and play online with that.

    i bet at least half of us also owns an xbox 360 (thanks to sony) i own an original copy of every game on my ps3 hardrive except 1. i don't necessarily own the ps3 version. but i do have an original of every game.

    the developer is still getting paid, everyone in the chain is still getting paid, except sony. cos microsoft is getting there share.

    whoever runs sony should really get the golden stupidity award.

  5. #85
    superjon27 Guest
    So, has anyone that isn't cheating, and just playing online with CFW been banned?

  6. #86
    G Sus Guest
    havent heard of one yet, do you feel like becoming the first ?

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    pandulce1 Guest
    I doubt any company will spend millions of dollars developing hardware and tell consumers that it's fine for them to modify it, circumvent it's security system and use software without paying for it. I've read for as long as I can remember (with very few exceptions) how hardware manufactures don't make any profits on the hardware until very late on it's life cycle. Also, even if they only made $10 per third party title sold, that would amount to 5 million dollars in profits for 500,000 units sold.

    If you really believe that buying a game for one console makes it ok to then download it for another console, I suggest that you ask a few publishers their opinion on the matter. And don't forget that Microsoft will ban you just as quickly if they detect that you have a modded console.

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    Zentsuken Guest
    Even if I get some hate from this, I applaud Sony. They are just trying to protect their console, you want CFW? More power to you, but there's no reason why you should argue on the reasoning behind why Sony wants to ban those users. Besides piracy, I'm pretty sure that this comes in direct result of Black Ops II, and the small handful of users that have modded/cheated online.

    Stealthing isn't a guarantee, people who tried it when the first ban wave was rumored still got detected and were sent a warning. Simply changing your param.sfo won't help, deleting pushlists could help BUT if you've already gone online, you've sent Sony all your info anyways. There's many many ways they can be spying on us, we won't know until the bans occur and we get some solid data on what they are doing.

    Like pandulce said, look at Microsoft. They have never warned you, they simply ban you during one of their waves and it's game over.

    I'm surprised Sony has decided to be nice about it and warn everyone for the second time. I'm sure this is far beyond a scare tactic, because they have proven they can see what we do when they managed to send us the 1st warning email. (I'm sure many of you still remember that).

    This is easily solvable, stay offline with your CFW and get a new OFW PS3.

  9. #89
    G Sus Guest
    i dont think it makes it okey to buy it for one console, and download it for another, id rather not(dont actually like xbox). all i'd like to be able to do is buy a game, stick it in my ps3, back it up to hardrive, and put the disk away where its not going to get pushed into a toy toaster. (or worse a real one).

    its not a lot to ask. surely they could come up with some way, (others do) as for it being because of the risks of piracy, they could concentrate on finding away of making it possible and use some sort of transferable drm system for when you want to sell the game it wont give you new activation code untill youve deleted it from your system. and deactivated its online account. yes i know that could be exploited too, but there current measures are doing no better anyway.

    i'm not even bothered about online play, i only want one simple thing. i like buying the game cos i collect them i've got all the resident evils multiple times on one system or another.

    and the silent hills silent hill hd is unopened and still sealed thanks to DeanK and the clever people who made cfw

    actually i think my silent hill homecoming on psp is still sealed too, so thanks to those who made that possible too.

  10. #90
    pandulce1 Guest
    I get you point, but the main hurdle would be how to prevent one game from being played on dozens of consoles. The only way I could think of is to authenticate the game's serial number with your PSN acct, but that would need internet access every time you wanted to play the game. And that would really suck.

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