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Thread: Sony PSN Consumer Alert Against Unauthorized Software, PS3 Ban Wave

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    Infernape Guest
    tbh cheaters ruined online gaming experience for everybody, this ban wave was expected anyway

    time to go offline for another 2 years maybe

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    G Sus Guest
    trying to play a game online before its out was pretty much asking for a ban. (talk about standing out )

    loads of people did same on xbox and got themselves banned.

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    Jurai Guest
    why all these homebrew apps still don't just hijack legitimate PSN sfo/icon data instead of using their own is still beyond me

    having your app tell the world PSNUSER6969 IS PLAYING MULTIMAN never seemed like the brightest idea of all time

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    G Sus Guest
    even if they did there would still be ways to detect cfw. and it would just make all the homebrew complicated, i couldn't remember which fakebuttons was which apps. i prefer to just stay offline

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    B4rtj4h Guest
    That would be fcked up. That would mean that innocent people with a legit console could be banned because you're using their PS ID/MAC/SN ?? That my boy... is low. Very low.

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    G Sus Guest
    and you can hide multiman if you really want, but i reckon youd still get detected somehow

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Just a little comment to those suggesting that disabling autologin on PS3 (and / or removing SEN enabler) is safe / enough to prohibit users from being banned when their PS3 is connected to internet with CFW - no it's NOT! Just read up a bit to find out that PS3 "calls home" everytime it has internet access and send to Sony details about your activy, programs you've ran and some other "debugging" data.

    Much safer way (but never guaranteed to be 100% safe) is also to block (at your router if possible) access to all know Sony addresses used for the above mentioned spying or simply not having PS3 on internet at all. If you want to have it on LAN only for the media access etc., "ban" it from the internet access on your router or at least use the manual IP settings on the PS3 and take out the Default Gateway and DNS servers (or put in the invalid values) to stop PS3 from being able to connect to internet.

    Just a head up - so you can't cry later that you've not been warned ...

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    elser1 Guest
    i guess you can sell your banned console on ebay.. LOL

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    G Sus Guest
    looks like i'll just be deleting my ps3 internet settings since it has no ethernet cable attached.

    i can always just download new multiman updates from here and manually install them

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    BBoy Chrif Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Lando43 View Post
    so anyone actually got banned yet or is this just the warning?
    I have 3 PS3, my OFW PS3 is Online & i see many friends on CFW still online too, i tried login on CFW PS3 it's done!!.. i think the ban Start after 24h or 48h or i think SONY check for schedule to STOP the big number of users with CFW.

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