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  1. #41
    alwayshungry Guest
    If you want free unlimited games and homebrew stay the hell of PSN.

    I played online once last spring for 15min. Waste of time. But that is just me.

  2. #42
    Hernaner28 Guest
    By the way, this happened because of the freaking cheaters!! If people with CFW didn't cheat this probably wouldn't have happened. Screw you cheaters!

    But Sony did the right thing; legal customers have the right to enjoy for what they paid. I'll stay on my precious CFW but I won't complain for PSN. It was just an extra.

  3. #43
    G Sus Guest
    now you've got yet another reason to hate the people that come running past you glowing gold, and surviving rocket launchers. lol

    we all knew it was coming soon anyway though. be thankful for the new things w'eve gained, not the 1 thing we've lost that we never had properly anyway. besides you know someone will bring it back again somehow.

  4. #44
    Osirisx Guest
    i've never used CFW but i have used the 1st hack that came out 2 years ago which let you run backups from the hdd or external hdd. i updated my ps3 after getting bored with what was on offer in terms of homebrew and because i wanted to play my GT5 signature edt which i won on release night from a GAME store. so have been using official fw since then.

    i've not touched any moded fw since so am i safe?, the only thing i donwload from psn when using that old hack was the updates for games.

  5. #45
    G Sus Guest
    you should be safe, but you can't guarantee anything, usually when the ban hammer comes around a few OFW users get hit too.

    no-ones 100% sure why they get hit, could be for reasons like yourself. if you've been playing online fine for 2 years , i doubt you'll be one of them though.

    with a bit of luck someone will find a hack for the new super slims, then all those that do get banned can go get themselves a nice shiny new superslim ps3 whilst the christmas offers are still going round .

  6. #46
    BBoy Chrif Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by HeyManHRU View Post
    Well, there's always Xlink Kai I guess, lol.
    But There's not Always LAN Games

  7. #47
    hakulaku2012 Guest
    So is there no way at all to unban yourself? Even by reformatting etc?

  8. #48
    G Sus Guest
    i dont think there is a way to unban the console, but i think there is a way to still get online with a banned console, not sure though, its not something i've ever had to do.

    maybe its xbox that can do that

  9. #49
    Hernaner28 Guest
    What they ban is the PSN account which was detected running a CFW. Not the console. If you want online you should go to OFW and make a new account.

    If you don't want online (the most reasonable choice) but you want to keep your PSN account you should disconnect your Internet (router modem, etc), after that turn on the PS3 and disable auto-sign.in (in case you had it enabled) and disable SEN Enabler and then you can enable Internet access again. And do not try to sign in to PSN, even if you have deleted SEN Enabler.

    A "guide" like this should be posted on main page for those who are not aware.

  10. #50
    BBoy Chrif Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by hakulaku2012 View Post
    So is there no way at all to unban yourself? Even by reformatting etc?
    in this case it's not a normal ban Hakulaku Look here:

    "PlayStation Customer: Notice: Unauthorised or pirated software has been detected on your PlayStation 3 system. This use has violated the terms of both the “System Software License Agreement for the PlayStation 3 System” and the “Terms of Services and User Agreement” for the PlayStation Network/Sony Network Services and its Community Code of Conduct provisions.

    As a result, your Sony Entertainment Network account has been permanently banned and access to PlayStation Network and Sony Entertainment Network services through your PlayStation 3 system has been terminated permanently."

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