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  1. #31
    za3tot Guest
    looool, since the old snake mgs4 i didn't play online, GAMES ARE TOOO EXPENSIVE

  2. #32
    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Sony don't give a squidly doodly about cheating - all they care about is their profits / people not using "backups" ... sadly.

  3. #33
    elser1 Guest
    i was on black ops 2 ,that i paid $108 au for (we get ripped off big time in australia for games and software etc even though our $ is worth more than usa atm. anyway today i've been playing tdm and this level 1 guy had smashed our team with some super human skills and he got the last kill and on the kill cam it was a red box around player he killed, he wasn't even really aiming at the guy and still got the kill..

    i'm not the best cod player i'm only level 14 and only for 3 4 5 or 6 hrs played total but still. come on the whole of my team was whining bout this guy. all i wanted to make me do is take the game back to eb (gamestop)and get a refund. if i see it continuing in the next 4 or 5 days i certainly will be doing that. i wish i could get in the ring with this fool.. LMAO

  4. #34
    shizet Guest
    I dont care for online playin but i sync my trophys is that a reason to get banned cause i use my account to go online with my vita. Does that mean i have to stop sync my trophys?

  5. #35
    G Sus Guest
    no idea , you never know what sony will do next, they will be wanting to sell us games under subscription charges next, surprised they havent tried it already.. or pay by the hour or some other mad money grabbing scam.

    they love a reason to ban your console, cos then you got to go buy another console, or lose all your paid for psn content. wonder what happens if they ban your account. bet they dont refund you for all the psn stuff you paid for.

  6. #36
    aamir007 Guest
    Has anyone on the forum been banned for using cfw?

    Are there any prevention methods, i need to sync my trophies one last time

  7. #37
    Hernaner28 Guest
    I didn't touch my PS3 for 2 weeks. Next time I'm gonna turn off the router, and disable auto-sign-in to PSN!!!

    Thanks for the warning PS3News!!

  8. #38
    roeykarou Guest
    oh man!

    i finally got PRO 13 and FIFA13 online the other day, now i can't use it online

  9. #39
    G Sus Guest
    i've no idea, but ca'nt you sync your trophys with your vita and then use vita to sync them online, or do you have to do it the other way round.

    although i suppose that could possibly get your vita banned, i've no idea (probably why i don't play online)

  10. #40
    orive Guest
    A lot of CFW users (3.55, 3.41 and 4.30) using FckPSN or sen enable has been banned, so don't access to PSN!

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