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Thread: Sony PSN Consumer Alert Against Unauthorized Software, PS3 Ban Wave

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    G Sus Guest
    if your on ofw and youve been banned id suggest contacting sony. maybe someone has been using your account, and been using foul language or abusive. although then it would be your account banned and not the console i assume.

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    albatawy Guest
    XBSLINK AND XLINK KAI is the best place for CFW users around the world.

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    kratosgow Guest
    Are you serious? even OFW get ban?

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    Apr 2005
    Please keep all of this in the (1) ongoing news thread, we don't need 100 "help" threads on this topic. I will move this one, but Forum Moderators please LOCK any new ones.

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    G Sus Guest
    nah if ofw is getting banned its either a mistake from sony. or some other reason, maybe the account has been used a lot on a cfw ps3 and then hes synced trophys or something. for OFW ps3 to be banned (not an account) they must have reason to believe that the ps3 has either ran cfw or has been used in some other way that would get it banned.

    either that or its just a mistake. only contacting sony would find out.

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    Xtreamst Guest
    Hacking any device like PS3 resulting of unauthorized software to be installed like homebrew (multiMAN). mM is a hombrew that can backup your Legit Game Disc to Internal or External HDD you can access to it & make fun of it, so yeah its worth of a ban.

    What I do not like is how Sony handled the hackers who opened the PS3 for homebrew. Remember also the PSN down 2-3 weeks?

    Because hackers fight back & Sony deserve it & lost Million of dollars of damage Sony only have to do is to prepare, analyzed who used CFW to PSN & boom ban it! I am not wondering why Sony yearly $$ is going down & MS Xbox 360 are going up because Sony are Idiots.

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    B4rtj4h Guest
    Thank god Sony did not leave this hole to long open! Don't get me wrong... I still love the Custom Firmware works. But I hate it when I play COD or Resistance online and see people fly and cary unlimited ammo with them. Also in Uncharted 3 there are some hacks that are just ruining everything.

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    G Sus Guest
    i dont play online, but i totally agree. cfw allows cheats to do silly things in games, and ruin the games dynamics. if there was no cheats , chances are sony wouldnt be too worried about the cfw user having access. xbox dont bother with them , because their games are on discs and much harder to alter. and if you do alter them they fail the checks and instantly flag you online.

    cheats ruin things for everyone. microsoft seem to concentrate mainly on the cheats.

    but not really much point blaming the cheats either, we all know the risks of cfw. its not our fault cfw offers better system features than ofw. sony should get their acts together and give customers what they want instead of the crumbs they feed us and sell it to us as a 4 course gourmet meal.

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    za3tot Guest
    get banned means no more psn or online play right ?

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    G Sus Guest
    yup thats all, and most of us haven't had that for months anyway lol some of us have never had it.

    psn access isn't enough of a bribe to give up my cfw, sony will have to bribe me with something a lot more important than online play before I part with my rebug 4.21 rex.

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