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Thread: Sony PSN Consumer Alert Against Unauthorized Software, PS3 Ban Wave

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    NTA Guest
    Cinavia is there for a reason. It's been kicking well before ps3's days. There's probably a greater ratio of people dealing with cinavia due to "illegal" content than people with legit files. Then again, there's always the option to convert files to a more suitable format.

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    justev Guest
    You sure do but life goes on. Anyway I noticed on page 1 it says you need 3.41 plus other Os++ to run air chaos, you can do it with rebug 3.55.3 as well. But I lol'ed about going on youtube to use another persons mac.

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    Portalcake Guest
    You got banned for using CFW on PSN, even when almost every PSN enabler and PSN enabled CFW told you there was a ban risk for doing so.
    Oh, and you used a PSN account with stuff purchased on it.

    Deal with it. Not to advocate warez, but if you really wanted to both pay for your stuff and CFW out the wazoo, grab a new-bootloader PS3 that can't be hacked yet, buy your content and run your discs on that, and on your CFW PS3, go crazy with backups, DLC activators, homebrew and whatnot.

    With separate accounts, of course. Banned on the CFW PS3? No problemo - change MAC, spoof PSID, patch TargetID, use a new account.

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    BuyXBox Guest
    Apologies for not putting any of the details of why the PS3 was banned by Sony. It was because one of my twin sons (13) unwittingly realised he no longer needed my password to buy additions for his FIFA 12 game. So, like any cunning teenager, he went ahead and purchased player packs to bolster his team.

    When I realised, my statement showed he had made 430 of unauthorised payments on the account that I was responsible for. I sought advice from my bank, who arranged a charge-back for the unauthorised payments. Sony banned the account - and then banned the PS3 also.

    My gripe here is that they (Sony) do not have any common sense being applied to cases like this. The "debt" (and bearing in mind the product can only be used by the now-banned account) stood at more than twice the price of a new PS3 console. So how on earth would Sony ever expect anybody in their right mind to pay it?

    They stated categorically that there was no other way. They offered no apology. As a parent who has invested thousands of pounds in Sony kit over the years, it rattled my cage. So no, the PS3 console was not modified in any way. Sony are unbending and therefore, somebody did ask what is my point. My point is that I would like to URGE large corporations like Sony to seriously think about their policies where they just process people as if nothing matters.

    IT MATTERS SONY. How many of us feel we're being totally ripped off? All of us, right? There may be the odd newbie who disagrees - but the honeymoon bubble will burst - and you will appreciate the COLDNESS I'm spelling out here. They are too self important to even care about their users.

    They have forgotten that, without users, they would be nothing at all. OK - so I hope I've answered some of your questions here - but please keep them coming - and I'd especially like to hear from people who feel they've also been given a raw deal from Sony when they have tried to appeal.

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    sharred Guest
    So if you are a plus member and you have bought a ton of games with or without the plus discount and they ban you, shouldn't they refund you for all the games you purchased? Legally they are yours and you can redownload then whenever you want. If they ban your account how can you redownload them? Someone with legal knowledge should advice us. I have spent about 2000€ on psn games, singstar tracks and dlc.

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    scott7seven Guest
    legally sony can ban you from using a service they provide yea, by console id or whatever, its their service, but if they do anything to alter your console, which is your property, its very illegal

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    Hernaner28 Guest
    Is still Sony banning?

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    gaiyachu Guest
    BuyXBox, with the information that you have provided so far, it seems that you are unaware of how wrong you are to feel "ripped off" (no offence).

    Your kid goes around your back and spends a substantial amount of money and the first thing you do is contact your bank (and they arrange a charge-back as you posted). Now the content that your son bought is on the PSN account/console and Sony loses the money due to the charge-back and you are appalled that they banned the account and console?

    You think that's unfair? Can't you see that if they didn't take action in such a situation that it would lead to people taking advantage of that method to get content for free?

    Why didn't you contact Sony in the first place instead of your bank? Maybe they could've refunded the money and removed the bought content from the PSN account and have you avoid a ban all together.

    sharred, because when they ban you it means you most likely broke the agreement in some way and they (the ones providing the service) hold the right to refuse you their service (e.g. cut you off from re-downloading the purchased content). Truth is that with most (if not all) digital download services such as Steam, Origin, Xbox-Live, Nintendo shop, PSN etc. all operate in the same manner. That the digital content is only ever yours until the service is around and provided that you hold up to the agreement set up by the service providers.

    That is the major downside to digital download services and unfortunately it seems that the gaming industry is moving ever closer to a full business model of this sort. Keep buying the physical media (given the choice) to slow that down.

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    justev Guest
    So far it looks like cheaters on cod titles and maybe fraudsters only.

    If you do sign in at least try change\spoof your mac, psid and console id to be safe

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    scott7seven Guest
    how do you spoof all that and with what?

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