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    NTA Guest
    Pirated Content - Any user who illegally acquires Call of Duty: Black Ops II content is subject to penalty.

    First offense: User will be permanently banned from playing the game online, will have their stats & emblems reset, and will be blocked permanently from appearing in leaderboards.

    Console users in possession of illegally acquired content will also be reported to console manufacturers. PC users on Steam will be reported to the Steam enforcement team.

    Treyarch not playing lol: support.activision.com/articles/en_US/FAQ/Call-of-Duty-Black-Ops-II-Security-Enforcement-Policy

    Just remembered I used to have their spiderman game, and treyarch backwards was a cheatcode lol

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    BuyXBox Guest

    Unhappy I used to think Sony PS3 was fabulous

    But today Sony provided me wrong. Sadly. A support worker by the name of "John" and his robotic manager named "Jason". After many, many long and dedicated years of buying their products, Sony decided to completely kill my PlayStation 3 from ever being allowed to join the PSN.

    After I tried to appeal to get the decision reversed, "Jason" told me in a cold, robotic voice "we cannot change it". As a product owner, what am I supposed to do now? I can't sell it - because I don't want anybody to buy it, only to discover that they won't be able to go on-line with it. So what do I do with it, Sony? Years of Games - now all useless. Thousands of pounds of investment. Also - my children - looking forward to getting the latest games for their PS3 this Christmas - their dreams now almost completely and utterly destroyed.

    I cannot be the only person who has suffered mindless, uncaring processing by Sony. So tell me Sony. Tell me here - so everybody will know what to do with their consoles: What should I do with it?

    Also - Have a wild guess at what I would recommend everybody who reads this to do!

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    PSPSwampy Guest
    Launch it through a window at sony HQ? Or just play games off line.

    If you are 100% sure that neither you, nor your kids or anyone else who has access to the PS3 have tried to hack it - then i would sue them. If on the other hand you have hacked it (and lets face it, you are HERE) i would just put up with the fact that you hacked it, they noticed, you banned - it happens.

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    GotNoUsername Guest
    Same Story with MS and Big N the company's don't care at all no matter the name of their brand

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    BuyXBox Guest
    I would suggest that, moving forward, Sony would have a great chance at leapfrogging the competition and looking at repeat business (or LOSS of it) as a serious LACK in their business model by actually caring for their product users. Openly and coldly admitting that Sony doesn't care just reemphasises my point here by the way - so thank you "GotNoUserName".

    Consider yourself placed alongside "John" and "Jason" with today's fabulously unemotional and completely detached responses. Priceless.

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    danielpc99 Guest
    ps3 is at sale for 250€ and less.. it's not that expensive and the world doesn't end either. i don't get it

  7. #217
    scott7seven Guest
    i didn't know they came from japan, lol... remind me to shake tomorrow, i'm busy eating a big mac

  8. #218
    justev Guest
    Banned yes 1 profile and console. The other profiles are fine on my OFW I rang up playstation uk to see why I couldn't sign in even though I already knew I was banned. The rep told Me and 400 others got Perm instant banned for using exploits on Mw3\Cod titles.

    I didn't dare play Black ops 2 as my past experinces with treyarc haven't been good.(Xbox taught me well) If you got server unavailable then your as good as banned from Blops2 servers on cfw. Unfortunate I know but it was a risk I was willing to take.

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    NTA Guest
    You win some you lose some.

    So, what you're saying is that we should abandon consoles and stick solely to PCs?

  10. #220
    justev Guest
    I wouldn't expect any less from the same company that brought us cinivea and music cd's that installed sotfware without your knowledge (They got sued for that) to name a few. But they did bring mass gaming to a generation (and pirating to a whole new level) even if it was a designed for nintendo, who didnt want because it used cd's instead of cartridges.

    My advise buy a new one and use the banned one for offline use. Did you mod,was it cfw? I take it it was ofw as you didnt mention this

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