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Thread: Sony PSN Consumer Alert Against Unauthorized Software, PS3 Ban Wave

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    scott7seven Guest
    it still seems to be cheaters and bo2 people getting banned, i've not heard of 1 ban otherwise, just people in different forums saying they are fine going online with other games, above i see someone with a hell of a lot of trophy's, and the other one playing around trying to stay on bo2, is there anyone out there that's not cheating or trying to play bo2, please post

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    Joseph230 Guest
    Will I be banned if I ONLY log into PSN and SYNC my trophies?

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    scott7seven Guest
    nobody really knows, only ones i can find being banned are cheaters and bo2 players

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    s0ur Guest
    I did synced my throphies a lot and even today, still not banned, everythinig working good since rogero v4.30 came out. Not a BO2 player.

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    scott7seven Guest
    correct me if i'm wrong, but wouldn't disabling internet to the ps3 manually, normally,... starting up a game in multiman, plugging re enabling the internet manually signin into psn from the game when it prompts, then disconnecting the internet manually b4 we close that game, pretty much make it hard for sony to detect you.

    since if in a game on psn, it shows thatgame , not multiman, and i'm assuming even data sent off psn would show your in that game if you only have the internet connected while in that game, [which by the way is illegal for them to tap into ur internet connection that you paid for, and the ps3 you own, only right they have is if you use their exterior service, psn, and thru that... i dont care what their tos says, illegal is illegal]

    seems to me they would have to guess the game your playing is being played on custom firmware either way... i've heard of psninja, but not sure what it could do that this process doesn't, other then show your using homebrew maybe, unless it always shows your in that game whether is psn or not, and lets you just leave the connection active, tho i think they would get wise and start banning people that always pay that game by suspicion, or check further because of it the 3rd line of the post, i meant data being sent off the ps3 from the internet while in a game and before signing into psn

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    karloz25 Guest
    Last night I turned on my PS3 from being OFF for over 3 days... I did receive the Error: 0x8002a231 You cannot use Playstation Network with this account

    5 Days ago, I tried loading BlackOps2 and was greeted with "Servers Unavailable", I played one level OFFLINE, and then shut game off.

    I am on 3.55Kmeaw CFW Phat PS3. I have tried 2 other PSN account all with same or similar errors...

    Questions: How long is the Suspension? Can I Un-ban myself somehow? (Upgrading CFW; Rogero? PS3 Clone somehow?) I have a second CFW PS3 that my brother uses and he will never go online, can I clone or use his certs to fix mine?


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    dsavage Guest
    doubt it... just hope the ban lifts or your ps3 might never get online again.

    but yeah i'm never playin blackops lol gtfo.

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    NTA Guest
    Better stick with the first black ops lmfao

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    scott7seven Guest
    blackops seems to be what they are looking for, did you start the game before you connected to the internet and disconnect before shutting the game down, will show as your online wiith mm if you don't, did u use cheats?, tell us what things you did before banned and didnt do, use any stealths like ninja or mm stealth, change mm's sfo?

    the more people post what games they are getting banned on, if they are cheating, what they are using to hide, and what they are and are not doing, the more we will understand how to be as safe as possible, personally, i know a number of people playing bo2 with cfw and not banned, but still seems the connection and also cheating complaints

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    karloz25 Guest
    Well I just received this:

    *Please do not reply to this email. This is a system generated message.*

    Notice: Unauthorized or pirated software has been detected on your PlayStationŽ3 system. This use has violated the terms of both the "System Software License Agreement for the PlayStationŽ3 System" and the "Terms of Services and User Agreement" for the PlayStationŽNetwork/Sony Network Services and its Community Code of Conduct provisions.

    As a result, your Sony Entertainment Network account has been permanently banned and access to PlayStationŽNetwork and Sony Entertainment Network services through your PlayStation Ž3 system has been terminated permanently.

    Further information regarding Sony Network Entertainment International LLC "Terms of Services and User Agreement" can be found on:

    Further information about account or console bans can be found at:

    Sony Computer Entertainment America, LLC - 919 East Hillsdale Blvd Foster City, CA 94404

    To Unsubcribe To Future Consumer Services Emails Click Here
    So I guess its NOT Suspended, but a PERMA-BAN !

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