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    is this for North America or for whole world?

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    The consumer alert was posted on their Japanese site and also the North American site:

    My guess is it's also on their European ones or it not yet then will be shortly as well.

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    if the whole world I wiil blame who's cheating, MW3 player fck you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kratosgow View Post
    That mean I can't play online in rebug CFW anymore?
    you can go online, but you will be banned for forever.

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    I close net router and disable in internet connection options and again CFW player can't go online forever.

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    well at least REX firmware dont have pushlist anyway

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    was only a matter of time really, at least you all got your trophies synced first lol

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    i think sony forgot that CFW users also buy from psn store. all that profit they were earning will be cut after this.

    Quote Originally Posted by kratosgow View Post
    I close net router and disable in internet connection options and again CFW player can't go online forever.
    yes, you can play offline peacefully.
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    Unhappy HELP banned console with OFW

    Hi. Around four weeks ago I got kicked out of PSN and cannot sign in ever since 'cause when I try to a legend without any error code appears saying

    "Access to Sony Entertainment Network for this system has been banned or temporarily suspended"

    No idea why I got banned or suspended since I rarely play online and have never installed any CFW... maybe it was because I game-shared a lot or perhaps someone hacked my console's ID causing it to get banned... who knows.

    I upgraded to OFW 4.31 hoping that would work but to no avail. Need to know how to unban my console.


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    First of all didn't they threaten with this the first time they hacked the ps3 on 3.41?? I went online then and had no problems whatsoever...

    Btw I just checked on the dutch website and couldn't a single trace of this same goes for French and English what makes me wonder if (at least here) it is legal to read what's on your harddrive without consent of the owner...

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