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  1. #181
    abdullah2320 Guest
    Thanks. But. When i installed cfw rebug rex 4.21. Only Signed in. Then. Signed. Out. And disable the internet conection. !! Can. They. Ban me. ???

    In signed in my account on pc. Its not banned. But my console i dont know!!

  2. #182
    scott7seven Guest
    i'd assume if you can sign into your account anywhere its not banned as of now, as i understand they ban both from psn

  3. #183
    PS3GAMER20111 Guest
    Don't worry. they won't ban if you don't go online in future.

  4. #184
    akimazaki Guest
    for me.. if anybody have confident to go online... just make it.. that what risk we can get... ban or lucky... we are gamers

  5. #185
    scott7seven Guest
    for me, i find it a lot smarter to wait till more info on it and a possible workaround, patience lol

  6. #186
    abdullah2320 Guest
    waiting until they release new method to go online without banning like fckpsn. Its spoof online id right ??

    And. Right now theres 50% of peoples on cfw go online without have have banned they use psninja. I dont think they use cheats or modded eboots. For online games

  7. #187
    scott7seven Guest
    its a chance you take, not enough info on it, sony may be taking info and lower the hammer later, who knows, yea right now i just hear of people playing online without bans, not much on actual bans

  8. #188
    BBoy Chrif Guest


    HaHaHaHa.. Finally Sony banned my console & my account [lvl (21) with 4500 Trophy].. lol you know guys 15 Years with PlayStation & i never think in one day SONY to do this step with my Account & with modest steps & in my OFW PS3 x)..

    i never forget my best days with my first PS1 & PS2 it's really good days.. i don't want to Deban my PS3 because i smash my 3 PS3s on the wall (4500 Trophy lol + 15 Years) & now i want to try XBOX & Nintendo because i miss Mario & CastleVania my first games in my life & i miss Halo, Forza, Fable & My First XBOX to free my mind from the spyware firmwares of SONY..

  9. #189
    justin138 Guest
    Fairly certain this was from BLOPS II. Their warning came JUST before the game launched.

    A user reported using a flasher and simply changed to OFW to play the game. He was able to get on using OFW, but not CFW - he did not change his mac addy. Another user changed his mac addy using a flasher and went on with OFW and was able to get on the servers.

    Basically, it seems like they're able to detect if you have CFW now and they're able to do it game-side. I find it strange that you can create a new PSN account every few days and it seems to bypass it and let you onto BLOPS II, if only temporarily. For example, last Thursday I made a new account and was able to get on for a number of games. When I tried after logging out and turning off my PS3, I was blocked.

    Yesterday i made a new account and it didn't work. Today i tried that account again and it worked; my external WAN IP has not changed. I idled at the game type selection screen for about 5 minutes and then was booted back to the MP dashboard with the server error; no longer able to get on. My theory is that Treyarch is, perhaps, scanning your system on the fly and detecting and banning. Why on the fly?

    If you stay logged out of PSN while launching the game, then log into PSN through the XMB while on the MP dashboard (screen with play online, lan party, local, options), it will give you the server error message AS SOON as you're logged into PSN -- before you even take any interaction to try to log into the servers. This means it's calling home at all times, even on the MP dashboard and is able to detect the CFW immediately and give you 22.0-1 version and server error.

    Basically, I'm pretty sure Treyarch is just going to fork over all of the banned clients to Sony and everyone is going to get owned. Sony probably already knows who is using CFW online now and it's just a matter of time before they drop the banhammer for real now.

    See this thread on COD.com where they address the server issues post patch, they are very quiet about the cause of the issues, but the first question they ask is if your console is modded: community.callofduty.com/thread/200539411?start=280&tstart=0

    I hate to fear monger, but it all adds up. Basically, everyone that tried to get online with BLOPS II probably owned themselves.

  10. #190
    filipay Guest
    Anyone tried going online with Playstation All-Stars Battleroyal? Do you need an online pass?

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