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Thread: Sony PSN Consumer Alert Against Unauthorized Software, PS3 Ban Wave

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    scott7seven Guest
    there pretty much saying if you go online with cfw, they are gonna ban you, don't think it matters dex or cex, if its just not a bluff

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    abdullah2320 Guest

    Confused is now safe to go online


    i just get account banned and console. yesterday bought used ps3 console model ceche01 backward compatible its not banned !! then i installed cfw on rebug 3.55.3. is it safe to go online? what the best things to do to avoid the ban (anti ban)


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    PS3GAMER20111 Guest
    Simple never go online or even connect to internet on CFW PS3. If you want to play online switch to OFW or buy another OFW console.

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    Avinash7 Guest
    in case we go back to an OFW... we won't be able to play the backup games from the HDD, isn't it? there any CFW till date which allow us to play backup games from HDD online?

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    PS3GAMER20111 Guest
    You can play backups online on any CFW 3.55/4.21/4.30.but you will play at high risk of getting banned.

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    Avinash7 Guest
    ok thanks... just dying of patience to have a firmware allowing us to play backups online with a 0% chance of getting banned...

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    scott7seven Guest
    biggest chance of getting banned is cheating or playing pre release games, you always run a risk when using cfw online, its sony's network, your using their service, they have a right to ban u from their property, on the other hand, you own your console, no matter what they say, you bought it and you can do whatever u want to it, that is your property, and your isp is a service u pay for, not theirs, if they ban you by tapping into your isp, without you trying to use their service, regardless of their tos.

    their are laws against it, not the banning you per say, but the tapping into your private property to find out what your using thru a internet connection you pay for... as for bans, either people aren't really saying, or the only ones getting banned really are cheaters and pre release players, as far as i can see checking around, and they do that anyway a lot from complaints, i think this site should start a section for people to just report bans or ongoing play without bans and why

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    akimazaki Guest
    i dont know what game they play and got ban...

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    scott7seven Guest
    i have heard some bs around on forums, whether they are just making it up i dont know, but they are saying that when you buy a ps3, you are only buying the right to use it, or leasing it per say, lol, and sony still owns it, that is complete bs, when you buy a ps3, you buy it from the store, you sign nothing when you buy it about any lease or anything, you own it, its your property, sony can tos all they want, they aren't above the law or your rights

    the game i heard that is bringing any bans is black ops 2, seems to be the early release tho

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    akimazaki Guest
    bo2... i just try play it online for two day this week.. work fine.. i just want sure they ban me or not...

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