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    Junior Member kratosgow's Avatar
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    yesterday I play online in NFS:MW nothing happen.

    I'm on rebug 4.21 rebug mode.

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    Some of the theories in this thread are pretty hilarious.

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    i play bo2 and hitman online in erma 4.30... work well...

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    to starknight a few posts back on page 16, if they inject something to brick your console, that's your property and is illegal, vandalism at the very least, but i'm sure there are much more serious laws against them doing that, all they can do is block you from using their service.

    the method they determine you've broken their services has to be done by you trying to use their service, any other way would be illegal, sony may be collecting data a future mass ban, they did say u must delete custom stuff cause against psn tos or you will be banned, so if you dont go back on till the devs outsmart the idiots again, they cant tell that you didnt delete it, or could just be scare tactics to stop cheaters cause of whining online players.

    by the way i don't think cheating in games is right, and going after them mainly cause cheaters are too stupid to stay offline till a workaround, that's why they cheat, they cant win unless they do lol

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    Is it safe to login PSN now?

    Is it safe? If I get banned is there anyway to unban?

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    I have gone on PSN with my PS3 using Rogero 4.30 v1.0 using PSninja and I have not been banned.

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    It is NEVER safe to login into PSN when using CFW. We all have to take risks anyways.

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    i'll wait it out and disable internet on the ps3, seems a lot of hype, very few saying they are banned, a lot saying they aren't, just not enough info yet, if i wait it out i'm sure i'll have psn again lol, i'm not sure if ps ninja would help cause it hides your being online, sony would still see you sign in originally i'd think

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    so for they who got banned is using cfw in cex console, what if when using dex converted console with ofw/cfw installed ? is gonna get banned ?


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