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    Quote Originally Posted by PS3fan35 View Post
    Wow, so you are comparing people with CFW with murderers? Don't be ridiculous. Following your own analogy, buying a car DOES give you the right to modify it as you wish since you OWN it, for God's sake.
    You're wrong, there is a big difference between modifying your PS3 and pirating. Piracy is illegal, so is robbing stores or running over people.

    I know freedom is good, but the freedom we want is bad for Sony, so we're being ignorant by saying we deserve It anyway just because we're special and we bought the product. That's what the car example was all about, we can't have too much freedom, you can't run over people with It just because you bought It.

    The mod StanSmith got banned without ever playing online. I'm sorry, but people should stop spreading rumors as facts, there are people who don't cheat and don't play CoD online that still get banned, there are also people who did that and didn't get banned, It's feeling quite random so far.

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    Is anyone here currently connected to PSN with CFW and not banned? I've read the above posts and nobody is clear about this.

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    there are many people connected to PSN with CFW and are not banned.the chances of getting banned for those who use cheats online are high.

    Conclusion: You can play online at your own risk.

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    Whoever got banned and is on Rebug, can you please tell me if you change your PS3ID by using the Rebug Toolbox do you get unbanned?
    I wonder because I'm pretty sure I'm not banned but I want to go online. I've been hearing about people getting banned but not particularly on this site.

    And since this website is most reliable for me at least can somebody please tell me if the method works..

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    Folks, I finally bit the bullet and decided to try going online.

    CONFIRMED WORKING: Black Ops2 v1.02 on Rogero CFW 3.55 v3.7 connecting through proxy (dunno if necessary) with Logan5's tool.

    I don't cheat and never have. Just play online COD. Hope this is helpful for those in the same situation.

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    Any one baned yet?

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    well i play online fine, not banned. my friend had ps3 usercheat installed, he got banned

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    For those wondering... If you want to keep network access on your PS3 BUT prevent it going home to Sony simply change your DNS settings to a fake address in your home network. This prevents it looking up names on the Internet so it will not be able to look up $ony servers.


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    A lot of users are just suspended, not banned.

    I posted a link to the error codes earlier here: http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-he...tml#post440892

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    Played a few rounds in MW2 not banned.


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