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    tulla2010 Guest
    Look, just stop being such freaking babies over this if you have been online with your cfw ps3 then chances are you'll get banned, I've been online with mine so if I get banned i'll have to accept it, I knew the risk and so did the rest of us.

    No point crying now that fony have decided to act.

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    Djmatrix32 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Zentsuken View Post
    Sorry about that, I didn't mean that directed towards you. I just meant it as in general, I think Sony started taking a stand on this after the new resurgence of a new CFW. I have no problem with people who cheat offline, hey I'm sure we all used to do it back in NES era, sadly though for a small handful of people's mistakes (cheating online) we all pay the price.
    It's all good things got heated there for a moment and I took it the wrong way. But I do agree with you about people who cheat gets the rest of us punished.

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    boxbundy Guest
    the thing that I don't think is right or just is sony being able to scan my devices when I'm not using their network. I should be able to surf the net without sony's spyware hacking my PS3. That is just as much a criminal act as what they accuse the hackers of doing in my eyes.

    I don't give a rats about their PSN to be honest. Now I don't even feel bad for them. If I was into piracy, knowing this would remove any feelings of guilt. stuff em then I'd say.

    someone make us a spyware please. it's the principle. this is unauthorised entry to my network.

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    superjon27 Guest
    Would those who have been banned please explain your situation? What CFW were you using? Were you hacking or just signing into PSN?

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by G Sus View Post
    nfs undercover , most wanted is garbage
    Care to elaborate why? It's made by Criterion and those guys (and gals) proved themselves with Burnout Paradise and all additional DLCs (many of those free) ...

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    kratosgow Guest
    Anyone get ban? sorry I'm ask because I'm very paranoid.

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    Mbb Guest
    I can't believe people getting paranoia by this news.

    I have been using my PS3 online with backups since the first days you could jailbreak (back in 2010). I remember after the all the clones came there was a ban wave. I didn’t care because I knew it could happen that my PS3 was getting banned (part of the risk). But I was starting to read that people who had played games early were getting banned, people who were cheating were getting banned but I never read people were getting banned who just played there games with using a backup manager.

    Well if I can remember some things the days of playing with a dongle were over. I didn't upgrade and didn't play my PS3 for a half year. Then suddenly there was the geohot cfw. So I updated to that cfw and everyone was playing with backups managers online like never before. Guess what, after some time there was news about ban waves. People were scared of getting banned again and disabled there internet (well if you have been connected with psn with a cfw is already to late fore that) so I just went back and played with a risk.

    Blackb0x was turned one while I was on PSN, backups managers where on etc. Then I again started to read why people were banned. Usually the sames reasons as before, either they were playing games before there release or they were cheating (I found that a stupid thing to do). Well I played online for 6-7 months and by that time the fw 3.60 (or something) was released and you couldn't play online anymore. I decided to wait but after a month I saw there was no progress.

    So I just update to the latest firmwares every time till I got on FW 4.30. I was out of the scene for a year and didnt saw progress anymore. Then there was a news article I read (ps3 was hacked again) so I looked back on ps3news and I saw the progress of the rogero cfw. I bought a hardware flasher getting back to 3.55 and up to cfw 4.30.

    And now there is the ban wave message again. Well if sony wants to ban me they had already more then 2 years to do that. So IMO just play online and enjoy your cfw till sony has found a solution to stop you for doing that (which is not banning consoles I think)

    Quick summary: This is just a story why I think playing with a cfw online doing it on a normal way (not playing games before the release date and dont cheat) is possible without a high chance of getting banned , who knows I was lucky all the time but I don’t think so. If you are banned you did something you should not do. Read the whole story I you want to know why I am able to take the risk to play online.

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    G Sus Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by GrandpaHomer View Post
    Care to elaborate why? It's made by Criterion and those guys (and gals) proved themselves with Burnout Paradise and all additional DLCs (many of those free) ...
    I guess i was just hoping for it to be more like the original. Graphically the game is probably the best racing game ive ever seen. i just cant get on with the way the cars race.

    the cars feel like the ones on hot pursuit, and i didnt like that either. when i stop turning on a straight line i expect the car to stop turning, not tilt to the left and slide anyway like its on jelly. for some people theyl probably prefer it, it actually feels more like burnout than nfs , maybe it should have been released as Burnout Most wanted instead.

    but for me it just wasn't what i wanted , wasn't what i expected, and wasn't what id waited years for. pretty much let down i was.
    hence the reason most wanted is garbage. hope that elaborates for you. its the best i could do , i'm not a game reviewer, just a nfs fan, i've liked all there games except 2. the new most wanted, and hot pursuit. as for criterion, they can certainly make a game. and know how to push every last drop of performance from a ps3.

    forgot to mention , i hate fact races dont have proper crash bars round the course and you can take a wrong turn and end up on other side of city whilst everyone else is racing. and i struggle to keep eye on mini map at same time as racing. its just not a game for me.

    and Bluray, toyota wouldn't dream of selling me a car and telling me i cant change the cd drive. ford would dream of selling me a car and telling me i had to get fuel from esso. even the big boys like ferrari an konniseg certainly wouldn't sell me a 220,000 car and say , if you alter the engines timings were going to take you to court. or youve got a free cd player but your only allowed to play westlife.

    the problem appears to be if you read back to about 3 weeks ago, is every chance you get to comment on something i've written or quote me and try tearing it apart, each time you;ve tried, youve been put in your place. and proven to be nothing but a waffler.
    even after i defended you in the rogero situation, when you gave someone wrong information, and he was demanding an official statement and i spent 30 mins explaining to him that you didn't give him wrong info, its just that info changes and you only gave him the last relevant information that you were aware of.

    i also had to explain that you were only another user like the rest of us, cos he was under assumption that what you had told him was an official statement. but anyway this problem wont happen no more. you can comment on this statement reverse it pick it apart and do pretty much anything you like (delete it probably) worse thing that ever happened was you becoming a moderator.

    but i'm done here now and i'm out of here, good luck everyone, hope none of you get banned and enjoy your ps3s.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    Thanks G Sus - and apologies to others for OT

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    Hernaner28 Guest
    Mbb I was thinking the same thing but I guess that even people who played games before release date didn't get banned too because there are legit users who also play them before release date. I'd say cheaters are the only ones banned, preferably from Call of Duty's. Let's hope this time is the same as before...

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