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    TheZander Guest
    I have never connected to PSN but I was going to eventually for Netflix. Right now will even connecting to PSN to access the store flag my console? Because they can detect CFW on connect? This is a new happening though so I'd imagine some kind of Fck_Netfl1x app will come out in the future.

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    boxbundy Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by albatawy View Post
    XBSLINK AND XLINK KAI is the best place for CFW users around the world.
    do these mobs care if your using cfw or backup games like sony?

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    Djmatrix32 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by albatawy View Post
    XBSLINK AND XLINK KAI is the best place for CFW users around the world.
    Is it safe to use?

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    boxbundy Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by GrandpaHomer View Post
    Just a little comment to those suggesting that disabling autologin on PS3 (and / or removing SEN enabler) is safe / enough to prohibit users from being banned when their PS3 is connected to internet with CFW - no it's NOT! Just read up a bit to find out that PS3 "calls home" everytime it has internet access and send to Sony details about your activy, programs you've ran and some other "debugging" data.

    Much safer way (but never guaranteed to be 100% safe) is also to block (at your router if possible) access to all know Sony addresses used for the above mentioned spying or simply not having PS3 on internet at all. If you want to have it on LAN only for the media access etc., "ban" it from the internet access on your router or at least use the manual IP settings on the PS3 and take out the Default Gateway and DNS servers (or put in the invalid values) to stop PS3 from being able to connect to internet.

    Just a head up - so you can't cry later that you've not been warned ...
    more detail please and tutorial links

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    Apr 2005

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    PS3fan35 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by BluRay View Post
    Like I said on page 10, buying a car doesn't give you the right to run over people with It, you aren't allowed to do as you wish just because you payed for the product.
    Wow, so you are comparing people with CFW with murderers? Don't be ridiculous. Following your own analogy, buying a car DOES give you the right to modify it as you wish since you OWN it, for God's sake.

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    bpaynemax1 Guest
    What if you just want to ftp to your system will they still detect you and ban you is the question.

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    Djmatrix32 Guest
    I would also like to know

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    StanSmith Guest
    Here's a tip. If you make a new console account but NO PSN account you can still browse the PSN/SEN with a banned console. You just can't make a PSN account.

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    Zentsuken Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Djmatrix32 View Post
    Cheater? I have never cheated in a online game ever I find it repulsive that people do that I feel they destroys the game for ever one. I would never dare in my life cheat in a online game I have played many games on PS3 and Steam were people were cheating and it really took the fun out of it for me.
    Sorry about that, I didn't mean that directed towards you. I just meant it as in general, I think Sony started taking a stand on this after the new resurgence of a new CFW. I have no problem with people who cheat offline, hey I'm sure we all used to do it back in NES era, sadly though for a small handful of people's mistakes (cheating online) we all pay the price.

    Personally, I own two PS3s, one for CFW and one for OFW. Mainly because my 60GB Fat is getting a bit old and I don't want to stress the hell out of it by playing games on it. Loading the games straight of my hard drive saves me the paranoia of having that extra stress put on the bluray drive reading discs and getting even hotter.

    I just find facepalm worthy seeing people argue about the rumored banning, saying they will buy a 360 and never buy a sony product again if they get banned like if they were entitled to play online with a modified system. I understand some wanted back OtherOS, or PS2 compatibility, but a handful of those users try warping the truth so out of the way to justify their actions (piracy/cheating).

    To answer the question about XLINK KAI, you aren't connecting to Sony's servers. It's a straight LAN to LAN kind of thing. I haven't used it since the PSP days, but it should still work the same way, so it should only work with LAN games. The thing about it though is we don't know how Sony will start the banning if/when they do. I remember awhile back someone mentioned all the places Sony phones in the moment you turn on your PS3 (even if you are not logged into PSN). As long as you have internet access, Sony still keeps a eye on you.

    Now I'm not sure if this is related but back before Music Unlimited came out. Sony pushed the file to everyone's PS3, I may be wrong and it may have been a firmware feature that was locked away until a certain date, but it was still pretty damn freaky because out of nowhere one day I just noticed it in my XMB under Music, when I was 100% positive there was nothing there a day prior.

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