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    Djmatrix32 Guest
    I have had that happen before Sony said they were going to ban hammer people.

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    BluRay Guest
    primetime43, while I can't say for sure, I think It's safe to assume Sony can easily detect you're using CFW and ban you If they want. There are NO reliable anti ban protections yet, perhaps there will be in the future.

    G Sus, customer isn't always right, we just think we are because we act like paying for the product gives us the right to do everything we want with It, It doesn't, If that was the case It would be okay to run over people with your car or rob stores because you're paying taxes. We know how probable It is for homebrew to lead to piracy, just like If you give your 5 years old a machine gun, It's probable that somebody will get shot. While Sony might need us to make money, but we need them just as much for entertainment.

    You want the option of having the disc with case and booklet while the console allow you to back It up to It's HDD. Do you think that's something simple? An easy solution would allow for either easier piracy or major scams. Piracy because you could perhaps "back It up" to multiple consoles, scam because If they limit that, then people might just back up the game and sell the unworking disc. Coming up with a better solution will cost Sony money and effort, for something that's useless.

    If you're careful with your BD you won't break It, my first Game Cube game bought more than decade ago is in almost new condition, barely any scratch and works just fine. They could just give a fake disc with the case and booklet while giving a code to download It, but then people would whine about it anyway.

    In short, you can't please everyone, if Sony tried to do that, they would end up giving free PS3s for everyone. No matter how good the console we have, we will always find an excuse to demand homebrew, which will eventually lead to piracy then we will complain about the company being evil. While I do support homebrew and own a PS3 with CFW, I'm glad we finally have a ban wave. This way online won't have as many cheaters and will be limited to OFW users with original games, giving people incentives to actually buy them instead of pirating.

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    G Sus Guest
    that was a mouthful, i'd cough and make sure none got stuck. lol

    nah sorry dude i appologise profoundly but ive tried 3 times to read that and i just cant get past the "If that was the case It would be okay to run over people with your car or rob stores because you're paying taxes." without my head spinning on the comparison.

    i'll try read the rest tomorrow (probaby not) gnight all , i need a lie down

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    Djmatrix32 Guest
    I would like to say you bought the console you should do what every you want to it weather it's jailbreaking it or beating it with a hammer. I feel Sony is punishing CFW users because a few of us were stupid and did some bad things, this does not mean we are all bad people. It just means we want more freedom with our devices and I feel there should be nothing Sony or any other company can do about it because you paid for it.

    It reminds me when Geohot was slapped with a restraining order and told he was trespassing WTF? He bought the console if he wanted to hack it he had the right too. Now I understand Sony not able to please every one but really people who CFW get bullied by them because we wanted to jailbreak our PS3's. I know my self and a few other people bought PSN Plus to use on CFW and now from the looks of it after my 3 months are up I will not be re-upping because of this.

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    BluRay Guest
    It's not a FEW of the CFW, It's the MAJORITY of them. Take a look at how many pages the CFW threads have and how many pages the OtherOS thread have, 99% of the people here don't give a damn about homebrew at all and just want free games and they defend the PS3 scene by saying they want to backup their games, geez people, quit the hipocrisy, It's not called backing up If you don't own the game. That's not freedom too, thats just piracy.

    We want more freedom, but we're asking for too much freedom. Like I said on page 10, buying a car doesn't give you the right to run over people with It, you aren't allowed to do as you wish just because you payed for the product. Sadly, homebrew eventually leads to piracy, If Sony allowed us to use homebrew OFW, then piracy would be a real threat to the console as there would be even more people pirating.

    I love the console scenes, I have lot's of fun playing around with homebrew and hacking characters for offline play on my Super Smash Bros Brawl, but sadly, I can't fully support the scene due to people abusing It. We got PSN access for a few days/weeks and there were already people hacking CoD online play ruining the fun for other people, how is that freedom? How can you possibly not get Sony side on this?

    I know people hate when I say games aren't too cheap or that we are just too spoiled and ask for too much freedom, but that's the truth. That freedom speech isn't a good anti Sony argument anymore, It used to be when the scene was all about getting Linux back.

  6. #106
    Djmatrix32 Guest
    I see the car example to be really unrealistic because really no one goes buys a car and says "Hmm I would like to run people over this afternoon." Do they NOT! And people wanting to back up their games is not a bad thing because there are people like me who live with little kids that mess up the game disk by breaking or starching them to the point were they will no longer work.

    I do agree with you to some extent but the car example is really awful and sure maybe a majority of people do not care about homebrew I get that but the people who do and there is a lot of them out there do care about. Asking for too much freedom is never a bad thing to have.

    Being free to do what ever you want to what you paid for should be allowed and I feel until COPS come to my house I will do what ever I want to do with my Ps3. It's no longer Sony's console I bought it thus it is now my console.

  7. #107
    elser1 Guest
    with your psn plus thing mate on cfw, make shore the auto renewal for payment is not on or they will still bill you for it.

    they stung me after a "free" 6 month trial to qriocity music thing i never even used after the first look at it.

  8. #108
    Hernaner28 Guest
    He's probably one of the many of those cheaters who, unfortunately, don't think. Sony did the best thing they can do to handle the situation and protect their users, if it wasn't by the cheaters this wouldn't have happened, but there's always someone so it was a matter of time.

    Cheaters are either childish/retarded people or incredibly selfish people who think only but themselves. They've got everything: full games and online access without paying a dollar and on top of that they do not care about those who spent their money on games, and simply CHEAT. Are you going to tell me that that is not a selfish, immature and unreasonable action? Certainly no.

    I'll remain disconnected from Internet and I'm sorry for those who got banned and didn't cheat.

  9. #109
    Zentsuken Guest
    I don't see the problem though, if your kids are scratching/messing discs then you should teach them some discipline or if they are too young, then I don't think playing online matters to them to begin with. This is without mentioning that bluray discs are extremely tough to scratch.

    This ban is well deserved to those that thought cheating online was a smart thing, it's undoubtedly what set Sony up to do this, and of course not far off, the piracy.

  10. #110
    Djmatrix32 Guest
    Cheater? I have never cheated in a online game ever I find it repulsive that people do that I feel they destroys the game for ever one. I would never dare in my life cheat in a online game I have played many games on PS3 and Steam were people were cheating and it really took the fun out of it for me.

    They are not my kids they are my uncle's kids and I have no right going around disciplining another person's children unless it was some thing dramatic let's face it some people do not know how to take care of their games. I know the bluray discs are extremely tough to scratch that does not mean they are indestructible I can send you my copy of MW2 so you can see how messed up it is, the reason I have it backed up is because of the scratches it won't read in my Ps3 or other people's PS3's.

    Quote Originally Posted by elser1 View Post
    with your psn plus thing mate on cfw, make shore the auto renewal for payment is not on or they will still bill you for it.

    they stung me after a "free" 6 month trial to qriocity music thing i never even used after the first look at it.
    I bought a card from Wal-Mart so no auto renewal over here I also used PSN cards from Wal-AMrt when I bought some PS1 games on PSN.

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