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Thread: Sony PSN Consumer Alert Against Unauthorized Software, PS3 Ban Wave

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    G Sus Guest
    not everytime you played the game. only if you wanted to sell it cos you'd have to access psn to delete the game and delete your online backup of it(proof of purchase). then it issues you a new code that allowed you to sell the game on.

    when you played the game it would play normally, and if you wanted to go online it would auto check if you had a legal online backup (proof of purchase) it cant be no harder than all the security stuff they already doing, you'd also need online access when you first wanted to install the game too. and input the required code.

    i could live with that small hassle, just so i could keep my collectibles safe.

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    pandulce1 Guest
    Well, I guess it could be done by requiring the game to be registered online and then tied to your account before you could install it on the hard drive and play it without the disc. The question is, will publishers like the idea?

    we arrived at the same conclusion.

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    G Sus Guest
    sod the publishers and sod sony, were the customer, the customer is always right give us what we want, or these things will keep happening over and over again, console after console, cat and mouse.

    id willingly give sony a large portion of my money every year, they make the best hardware (console wise) in the world, it wipes the floor with its competition. only thing holding sony back is sony themselves

    just realised , i already do keep giving sony a large amount of my money every year, i keep breaking consoles lol

    the problem seems to be that sony dont want to actually produce disks with cases and booklets , cos they cost money, sony will let you play games from harddrive, but they want to charge you silly price and you get nothing solid to collect.

    like owning an online trophy will ever match actually owning a physical copy of a game. i'll keep my cfw and my disc games nice and safe in there cases and sony can keep its psn access untill me and sony find some halfway point where i get what i want , and they get a happy customer.

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    DarkLordMalik Guest
    I just played AC 3 recently. Played it for a half hour or so online. I have been online ever since that SEN enabler has been released and currently getting online on REX. A couple things to note here.

    1. Ban will eventually come. You either risk it or leave it.
    2. Buy legit games.
    3. Don't play COD - BLOPS 2 online.

    People easily panic on such news. Especially the cheaters. I for one, am really glad that Sony has finally decided to look after this issue. It was getting ridiculous to see leaderboards with 9999999 score. BLOPS 2 was recently released which meant cheaters would surely jump on the MP and ruin the hell outta it. Sony had to take this step and they did it right now.

    I am not really panicking here. My PS3 was always connected to the router for MM updates + Showtime etc. I also used to stream content to my PS3 or download updates via MM for various games. If i get banned, it will be on my own consciousness. Besides, this is more like a spare FAT PS3. I wanted get a Slim anyways.

    Anyways, is anyone banned yet or not?

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    G Sus Guest
    so far only a cheater that ive heard of, and you could be right, it could be the cheaters they directly aiming at, could even be because of the black ops II mess. until someone is banned that aint cheating , no point panicking.

    i like your way of thinking, i'm still temporarily disconnecting it from internet, i don't need internet to it for anything at the moment anyway, all my games work, and i'm unlikely to be getting any more at least until christmas.

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    Brian10122 Guest
    Basically what this guy says - no worries, I freaked when I saw the title too but I'm not banned, and I don't venture into piracy very much anyways so I don't have much to worry about.

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    primetime43 Guest
    Could they know your cfw if your on 4.30?

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    HayateSlash Guest
    i was playing Most Wanted then the 8002A231 error code poped out in my face and i was logged of...funny thing that i signed again and online worked

    i guess that they were just confirming me as a cfw user lol

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    G Sus Guest
    now that's a weird turn up for the books maybe something went wrong with the banning process, your email notification of termination of account is probably on its way

    maybe whatever they tried to do failed, it dont mean it will next time.

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    YuuZA Guest
    I am not claiming to know a lot but i found this about PSN ban. In the pastie, your error code means the following:

    ## Banned

    ## Blacklisted

    ## Suspended

    I would be careful if i was you. It starts with a SUSPEND and then...

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