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Thread: Sony PS4 Console in Development, AMD Building Graphics Tech?

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    SanctumSlayer Guest
    Elser1 keep dreaming about them making their hardware upgradable. Sony wants to keep their ps systems as closed as possible. Take the removal of others for example. Either way, there's not much that would get in my way of getting a ps4 when its released.

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    lindwurm Guest
    If this true then NVIDIA GTX 700 for ps4 is canceled.. well i don't mind as long as it have the most sophisticated graphic with ultra speed well i hope sony don't rush to release their ps4 until it complete with all features.. i can imagine the price is too expensive till several years and if the world financial crisis still continue or gettin worse then they won't get the revenue that they hope for.

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    elser1 Guest
    i realise it won't be upgradeable but if i designed it it would be. i'd be getting all i can for my development dollar.

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    niwakun Guest
    it doesnt mean that what ever this two man meet on the same place talking about this controversial "PS4" that even Sony itself says that PS4 will not be coming as you expected.

    Plus. AMD Chief Financial always had a contact with Sony Chief for their VAIO laptops that is powered with ATi chips and AMD processors. It's not like these two people will decide what technology will they use. It's the Engineers will decide what will they use. So if you want to know what kind of technology this PS4 will use to, then look out for their engineers, not with these people who dont even know what electronics is.

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    codecxbox Guest
    You would think that Sony's decision to have AMD chipsets will be great. Sorry to say, but we will see YLOD again. AMD chipsets are hotter and more fragile than its Nvidia counterparts. This is based on years of experience with ATI and Nvidia PC graphics cards.

    I wish Sony would select a better graphic platform, maybe Intel. Intel, while are the low end of graphics, they do create bulletproof solutions. I still have a working Intel740 AGP card that has survived more then 10 AMD and Nvidia cards.

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    thePS3dB Guest
    After everything Sony has done to me as a consumer I will be waiting to check out what Microsoft has to offer. They came to the table late with the PS3, they had every chance to make it better then the 360 and still failed miserably. But you know my stupid brand loyalty. They remove features on a whim, they change their TOS daily, nah go to hell Sony.

    I know wrong site to be complaining about Sony products, but I'm sorry, its sad when the exact same game on a 360 looks much better then the ps3 counterpart. In fact most of the Ps3 library can't go over a 720p resolution. Sorry Sony, but you can stick your PS4 and Vita where the sun doesn't shine.

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    aamir007 Guest
    I prefer Nvidia and hope sony go for Nvidia, they have much better graphic cards than ATI

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    1Panic Guest
    lol wouldn't they be downgrading if they are going to AMD? lol 360 graphics are obviously lower then ps3. That has already been proven. So ps4 is gonna use Duel layer discs? lol...

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    guardianx71 Guest
    Guys , really now, xbox360 having AMD and PS3 Nvidia 4 years after their initial release means nothing. And even if 720 and ps4 both have AMD , it won't mean that they will be equal, as they will use 2 totally different chipsets. No company would pay money to develop a technology and then share it with the opponents. I believe it will be like with desktop graphics and the various versions (7450,7770,7970 etc).

    Oh and about the Intel graphics idea ... please tell you're not serious . Intel graphics and gaming just don't go together. And I still have an x486 at 66mhz in my atic that still works... so what?

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    kavechick1 Guest
    I think we are just tired of throwing out hundreds and living in fear that the ps3 might not survive till the next day... its not fair. Think of your lcd tv, you use it with comfort, if you put it on one day and it doesn't power up or something, you go and check the cables , if you put on the ps3 and it doesn't power up... Ylod flashes across your mind.

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