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Thread: Sony: PS4 to Arrive with Next-Gen Consoles from Competitors

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    lindwurm Guest
    yup, but one thing for sure that they both announce superiority in graphical enhancement,this is not just a battle between playstation and xbox but also between nvidia (using multi core, maybe) and amd (hexa core and dual gpu), i can't guess how good the graphic they've got but sadly it will need more advance television coz to play next gen console with full power is by using high tech tv and that cost a lot.

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    Bartholomy Guest
    Who cares? M$ (and Sony now) is tired of hacking. Kids wants new game. They will have them. Do they need a new tv? Hell, they will buy them. This is a consumistic society with idiots kids and retard parents who finance them. At least, piracy can save some money, billions just download games. Funny is thinking of this idiot kid whining new xobx / PS4, and a proper TV, and his parents will buy both, and original games too. Like if we was needing it, ps3 .xbox360 and 3d tv 1080p is not enough maybe. Pfff

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    isotrex Guest
    That design above is freakin' cool compared to the current PS3 slim. Some how it reminds me of the PS2 slim. I think there will probably teasers regarding PS4 next year. But I'm sure it won't be released or announced soon.

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    gab1ka Guest
    Hi! My english is not so good so plz forgive me.

    Lot of people say there isn't the right time to release the next gen consoles, but i think its about time. Think about Battlefield 3, Metro 2033 or lot of other directx11 games that require top high end giga ultra mega pc-s. It would be nice if those games could run in 1080p at 60fps. I mean not reaching 60fps in small areas with screen tear, but a constant 60fps with vsync 8xmsaa, 16AF, DirectX11 and 1080p even 3D. The current gen consoles can handle the games at 25-30 fps... (hardly).

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    Bartholomy Guest
    I expect way better than 1080p and Metro 2033 from a PS4 or 60fps, or just 8x Antialiasing

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    gab1ka Guest
    That was just an example.

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    Bartholomy Guest
    A better example is a ps4 with games using hollywood movie-like graphic. This, maybe, could make me buy it. If it's a spit more than a ps3, i'm quite done with a new cheaper xbox new gen

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    Neo Cyrus Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by PS3 News View Post
    I still think 2012 will be too early for a PS4 launch though, especially with Sony launching PS Vita then in the US and Europe they will have their hands full I imagine. Up to now, I always anticipated the PlayStation 4 will arrive no sooner than 2014 (if not later) but we'll see heh!
    Developers have been struggling for so many years to get games working with the PS3's (and 360's) limited resources that I honestly would have thought the 5 year mark would have been when they would release a new console. At this rate it would be foolish to push it back any further than Q4 2012 if they have the capability to do a proper launch. Considering that they practically breathe money, I don't think it's so far fetched to think they can do it if they want.

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    barrybarryk Guest
    There is no chance of seeing an xbox or playstation launch in 2012, It would have already been factored into their financial projections for the year. Might get a reveal but there is no possibility of a launch.

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    Bartholomy Guest
    About M$, we'll see Expecially at TGS 2012.

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