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    Dec 2010
    I hope the PS4 launch price isn't the same price as the PS3 launch price here in Australia which was $1000.

    The PS3 was more expensive than the 360 too, but I also think the "Blu ray" player also contributed to the number of units sold. Either way most people will just stick with what they always had, an Xbox or a Playstation.

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    Yeah, I don't think they'll make the same mistake twice. Anyways, there isn't a new type disc technology that they can latch on to this time around.

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    Not again? You'll see. For sure, i will buy a new xbox, i wasted enough for this stupid ps3 And if new xbox will be modded, well..
    I don't want to deal anymore with those retard devs for ps3 (and ps4?) and their elite and dongles

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    Dec 2010
    Well like I said before, I think it's still to early to decide, both the PS4 and Xbox 720 will be different than it's predecessors. I think I'll be getting the console that is hacked first.

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    Deffo But priority on xbox, better people, better scene.

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    Oct 2010
    i'll be sticking with ps4.. don't know why to be honest.. i doubt you will buy the xbox gen 4 console for price of vita.. $399 au LOL if it is ill be 2 on launch day.. 1 to be hacked and 1 for xbox live..

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    xbox have an issue with over heat especially in tropical region and they are too busy searching door to door for ilegal windows.

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    I think, it's too early for this.

    I cant even see what kind of improvement they were going to do on what PS3 or XboX360 cant do for now.

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    yes I think we will see the PS4 early in 2014 just few months after the lunch of the XBOX 3 from Microsoft

    Nintendo Wii U will be the bigger loser without a real controller, without 3D, without HDD.. no BluRay... etc

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    Saw this news yesterday in Wii-U's perspective, but was afraid to post it, as I though it was disscussed ages ago, I'm not quite following this PS4 stuff.

    I think it's too early for next-gen consoles. I'm quite happy playing PS3 nd Wii games, as are many of you too. Previous sony consoles introduced a huge jump from it's predeccessors - PS1 (one of the first 3D console), PS2 & PS3 (huge jump in graphics and sound, internet play, processing powers etc). Not to say, that every next Sony console had new storage media - CDs, DVds, BDs.

    What can PS4 possibly introduce? More processing power? Nope, not quite interested. New media? If it's only digital downloads, then it would also be a fail. Something shiny like touch screens and gyroscopes? Stop copying Nintendo. They have this market segment.

    I can't really think of awesome new ideas for PS4, sorry Sony.

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