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Thread: Sony: PS3 Will Remain Most Expensive Console on the Market

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    Sony: PS3 Will Remain Most Expensive Console on the Market

    Speaking in a recent interview, Sony's David Reeves has voiced agreement that the PS3 will always remain the most expensive console.

    However he was quick to point out that this doesn't mean the system won't experience any price cuts.

    To quote: "I think it will, yes," said Reeves, when asked whether he would agree the PS3 will remain the most expensive console.

    "I'm not saying there are going to be any price cuts at all in the short term or the medium term. I'm not saying we don't need to do it - we are expensive. It is possible that as the cost [of manufacturing] comes down, we will be able to do it.

    "But we're protecting ourselves with a very hard shell to get through the next one or two years of an economic situation. If you're experienced, you know you have to go into that mode - it's like being an armadillo. You have to be hard, and then you will come out when the sun comes out."

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    Tidusnake666 Guest
    For whom how... As for me. ps3 was the cheapest high-tech-item.

    I bought wii for around 580$ year ago, PC for 600$ half a year ago, notebook for 600$ a week ago and PS3 for 525$ 8 month ago.

    So, PS3 is my cheapest thing.

    P.S. crazy country I live in!

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