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    drphuz Guest
    Yeah no need to really worry here. The passphrase is still the same. (Tested from two seperate DEX machines) My "source" tells me the update has something to do system stability with the Vita.... not to mention getting on CFW users nerves.

    They want to see who ISN'T or CANNOT login. And then weed you out of the list next time you get online. But if you aren't cheating on Call of Duty or being a arsehole on some other random multiplayer game then you probably can go back to business as usual.

    *Same rules as always really.... Don't draw attention to yourself while breaking the law... Snickers

    Duh... use multiman and copy it straight out of the folder....

  2. #22
    Rac3rX Guest
    my console already banned, no online anything anymore

  3. #23
    BerserkLeon Guest
    Heh, too bad I don't get on PSN often enough for them to draw any real conclusions from my login times...

  4. #24
    Azrial Guest
    Lucky I have 2 PS3's then, so I'm still showing as online with my OFW one, whilst collecting trophies with my CFW one, and when a spoofer turns up, I'll just sync them to my account.

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    rizwanalichand Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Rac3rX View Post
    my console already banned, no online anything anymore
    change console idps then get online

  6. #26
    StanSmith Guest
    On a side note the WiiU got an update today also. Update 3.0. This is the update that supposed to make it faster and a few other little things here and there.

  7. #27
    Azrial Guest
    Still want to get a Wii-U at some point.

  8. #28
    Rac3rX Guest
    I would love to, the few attempts I've made have been a fail, I need a link for a little help guide or something.

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