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    Contributor ahdshf's Avatar
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    when i see a new update gives me big headache

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    I wish they would provide a real changelog instead of saying 'stability improvements'.

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    The ps3 is going to stick around for a long while mainly because ps3 games or any other games don't seem to be supported by it's hardware for whatever reason.

    PSN isn't going anywhere as they are still making reasonable profits and terminating it and the ps3 in favor of the ps4 would just make any other bad decision made by them in the past seem harmless.

    PS3 will be far from obsolete for a long while while there's still a huge market for it's games despite the ridiculous prices

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    Quote Originally Posted by mschumacher69 View Post
    It looks like this is related to the latest PSN maintenance, maybe they did something like changing the passphrase or changing the way the PS3 authenticates with PSN, so a 4.41 spoofer might not be enough for CFW PS3s to connect to PSN.
    the passphrase is the same

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    4.41 BLOCKS transfering a save game to the USB

    PLEASE CFW stop that from hapening

    Most likely its to counter the save game hacks that have been on OFW systems too, not just CFW.

    Its SUCKS if your into swapping engines in GT5, I wont update unless the blocking of transferring of files to USB is still allowed, please CFW Team hook us up
    Last edited by Rac3rX; 04-25-2013 at 02:11 PM Reason: Automerged Doublepost

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    Who will release 4.41 cfw first?? wait and see..

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    all good the bruteforce data app can add or remove ability to copy the save game (wheeeeeeeeeew)

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    A new CFW will probably only be spoofed, and won't have any of the features from the OFW, it won't be until games have to be signed with higher keys will they make a new CFW, I think you should be OK to transfer games saves still, will have to wait and see.

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    You can still copy saves to USB. I just did...

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    With the new OFW 4.41?


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