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    your cfw4.40 is build with delta patcher and patch4.31.xdelta? thanks for your answer

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    Jun 2009
    I hope its released soon I like the features in the SGK 4.31 cant wait to run the 4.40 cfw

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    Feb 2012
    Now have to wait for the patch for Rebug 4.21.2 REX so it says 4.40 instead of 4.31.

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    Nov 2012
    Can't you just up to 4.30.2 and then run the spoofer update? You can always go back to 4.21.2 REX after they've sorted out updates for all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAYRIDER666 View Post
    Rogero 4.40 cfw v1.0 pre order
    So am I !!!

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    I am having trouble with my 60gig not reading games anymore.. after the 4.40 update it just won't read anything anymore.. is this a isolated incident or not.. Any help would be appreciated...

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    Oct 2010
    need more info. cfw or ofw. disc games or psn hdd games etc

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    It is on ofw 4.41 so i would check the blu-ray lens. also side note will it read cds or dvds. thanks

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