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  1. #41
    cfwmark Guest
    got it to install this far so far on 4.10 techondon. got any ideas how to get around this?

    so close to bypass the need to use an e3 but would I still have trouble with xmb manager I wonder? It stop at 79% look in background.

    turn off PUP build change setting it kind of worked (wild guess I need toggle_pq.pkg like 430.v2)

  2. #42
    fatboyfry Guest
    wow this looks like great news

  3. #43
    BK Heritage Guest
    Hackers developer are such an intelligent people, we just take for granted for their contribution..

  4. #44
    michelemotta82 Guest

    4.31 private keys ?

    Attachments file rar, confirm this keys ?



    unknow uploader

  5. #45
    elser1 Guest
    it would be better to display the keys in a post as i doubt anyone will risk downloading files from an unknown source to there pc. i know i wouldn't anyways!

  6. #46
    fadi Guest
    will hackers ever find a jailbreak for ps3 ofw 4.31?

  7. #47
    Ozz465 Guest
    Not anytime soon.

  8. #48
    cfwmark Guest


    Back to 4.10 got it to 100% on first screen install. press PS. checking for update... the data is corrupted (8002F15E)

    tried dev file for 4.31 didn't work (hope they work for you)

    can anyone fix this or know how to?

  9. #49
    d3m0n1q733rz Guest

    Sony PS3 Firmware 4.31 Code Execution

    I just saw this earlier: packetstormsecurity.com/files/121691/sony_ps3_firmware_v4.31-exec.txt

    [Register or Login to view code]

    In theory, we might be able to utilize it to return to previous firmwares if we can produce the tools required to do so. However, it's a bit outdated, so another vulnerability that I've been scouting (buffer overflow) might be better if I can keep it from crashing the PS3 entirely. Evil black screen!

    Gee, I wonder why I can't use Flash on my PS3...

    Anyhow, there MAY be another exploit possible for more recent firmwares from a not-so updated software portion of the PS3. It could be as easy as point and click.

  10. #50
    R33L Guest

    PS3 4.31 code execution exploit found

    I got tired of waiting for someone to come across this information. not one single scene site has even noticed this: packetstormsecurity.com/files/121691/Sony-PS3-Firmware-4.31-Code-Execution.html

    [Register or Login to view code]

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