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Thread: Sony PS3 System Software Update v4.31 Incoming, Details Arrive

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    lilmonkey Guest
    is this guy for real? you just lost your CFW...

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    shanerocks Guest
    I know it was lame on my part but as mentioned it was just a minor software update. Dint think it would do so much damage. Wondering is that any chances of me downgrading to 3.55 and then updating to 4.30??

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    ricdee Guest
    PMSL! There is a way but i very much doubt you should attempt it!!!

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    shanerocks Guest
    Yeah will give it a try, what is that I need to do?

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    syphonlord Guest
    You basically put yourself back on ofw 4.31, only way back now is via a flasher. thats why multiman and that wont work, sorry dude.

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    shanerocks Guest
    Right!! so is there any other way to besides using a flasher ?? Hopefully there will be a new custom firmware out soon 4.31 for ps3 thats my only hope I suppose

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    tommasi Guest
    why cant we downgrade with the keys we have again?? no one said anything about that

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    innerg Guest
    I can't find the update either... but I will be sure to avoid it

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    XBINX Cyro Guest
    hello all, I managed to get my E3 installed! I have managed to get proper backup of a phat chech-h and downgraded to rogero as followed in the tutorials.

    I have a few pictures i can post.. it was very easy.. sony i guess is releasing a new update 4.31? I"m quite unfamiliar with what CFW i should be on now i have a flasher.. I will be taking requests (serious) for firmware testing here in the future if anyone has suggestions.. any try ermac 4.30 yet?

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    BluRay Guest
    That's not how It works buddy, you need a flasher to downgrade back to 3.55 before installing 3.55+ CFW. I thought being on the scene for years would be enough for you to understand that.

    Quote Originally Posted by tommasi View Post
    why cant we downgrade with the keys we have again?? no one said anything about that
    I've already answer that a few times, so did a lot of people. 3.55+ OFWs have better checks that stops you from installing CFWs. Can we bypass that? Probably not.

    For example, 3.55 OFW have MD5 = A, 3.55 Rogero CFW have MD5 = B and 3.55 Kmeaw CFW have MD5 = C, all of them have different MD5, thus the installer can see the difference between the FWs. That was just an example though, people already managed to break MD5 security, so they are going with a better hash algorithm. In short, we don't have the right keys.

    The reason for me to believe we won't bypass that security is because even some not so recent algorithms, like, SHA-2, that has been published in 2001, still haven't been hacked yet and there are probably more people trying to hack It than the PS3.

    XBINX Cyro: Already seen some people confirming it works, but unless this gets new features people may want to stick to Rogero as he seems to be the most trusted dev working on CFWs right now.

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