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    I really don't think Sony will keep making new OFWs just to block CFW PSN access, this cat and mouse game will piss of OFW users too.

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    Dev_flash 4.31 team siracide

    Dev_flash 4.31 team siracide


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    Given Sony's track record, the first thing that comes to mind is that it could be possible it's a two step rocket in patching some vulnerability. Just saying, I wouldn't expect them to just idly stand by regarding recent events.

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    Same Platform-Passphrase?

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    Yes - seems like.

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    Quote Originally Posted by michelemotta82 View Post
    Dev_flash 4.31 team siracide
    I have added it to our main article now as well as the PS3 4.31 LV0 Decrypted done by Soon (same guy who did the PS3 LV0 / LV2 4.25 and LV0 4.30 Dumps Decrypted) and +Rep for sharing michelemotta82.

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    Hope that they patched also the Trophies screen. Hate it how it works now. My 40+ games library is loaded every time and in the mean time you cannot close the XMB overlay. Very very stupid.

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    Something that I really liked in my ps3, was the ability to play music in the background while browsing through the XMB. Did they put it back or it's gone for good?

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    Hi everyone i'm new member here but have been using ps3 jailbreak right from start. FYI: just want to let you guys know that on 4.31 update you cannot use multiman and you dont get the option to play back up games. I installed it on my ps3 and get an error when playing back up games.. As it was said it was just a minor update!! its not a minor update..

    Any help would be much appreciated Thanks

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