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    Yet another pointless update.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dyceast View Post
    Fckpsn 7.0b still works sweet with me
    This is dongle and PS3ita_PSon.pkg for CFW K ^_^

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    I'm an idiot, I did exactly what you did even though I've read your comment. Cheers to JW117 though, +Rep.

    I've got it working, but can't connect to PSN (An error has occured. You have been signed out of PSN). Any ideas?

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    Good luck getting it working. I'm going to sit tight and hope rebug will release a pkg fix. Fingers crossed.

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    yes their is no way i update, i just have couple units one i use strictly for online play, but we sill need rebug it will be awhile but they work hard as hell i applaud them.

    Cheers ladies and gents

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    Interesting, in the XMB .xml files in the 4.20 update, there is mention of PS1 content for the ps vita.

    [Register or Login to view code]

    Could sony finally be ready to release PS1 classics for PS VITA?

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    Hope so but then again... Sony Is it possible to access psn on 3.66 ofw?

    Does anyone know when those emails were sent from sony that wanted users to change their psn passwords?

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    I think not long then fckpsn will stop working too.

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    In addiction to FckPSN and the PS3ITA PSoN packages, there is also a PS3 PSN / SEN Enabler & Disabler and Clear History PSN Stealth Mod posted HERE now for those interested in PlayStation Network access.

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    I know that dude, but thanks anyway, i've restored my ps3 via recovery menu and tried again with the same results, so i guess is not working on rebug 3.55.2 update 07 so i'll wait for an official rebug update. by the way i tried both pkgs from ps ita and none of them worked for me. (i apologize for my bad english, i'm from Mexico)

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