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    Apr 2005

    Sony PS3 Releases for March 2010 Unveiled

    Today PS3Center.net (linked above) has unveiled Sony's upcoming PS3 Releases for the month of March 2010.

    To quote: There's a lot to look forward to this month, with at least three major releases, and three PS3 exclusives in one month alone!

    Here's what PS3 gamers can look forward to this month:

    March 2

    - Battlefield Bad Company 2
    - MLB 10: The Show (PS3 exclusive)
    - MLB 2K10

    March 9

    - Final Fantasy XIII
    - Yakuza 3 (PS3 exclusive)

    March 16

    - God of War III (PS3 exclusive)
    - Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition
    - Resonance of Fate

    March 23

    - Just Cause 2

    March 26

    - Quantum Theory (delayed)

    March 30

    - Episodes from Liberty City
    - Prison Break

    With March 2010 being such a big month for PlayStation 3 releases, which do you plan to pick up? Feel free to comment below!

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Raze1988 Guest
    I already pre-ordered Yakuza 3 and, of course, God of War 3!

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    aries2k6 Guest
    Of course God of War 3 is a definate for me.

    lol, I canīt afford anything else right now but I might checkout Yakuza at some point.

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    Pretikewl Guest
    FF13 is a given, but after playing the GoW3 demo, I'm not so sure it's going to live up to all the hype.

    I just finished Bayonetta recently, and that game just seemed so much more fast paced and "cooler" than GoW.

    *runs and hides from the GoW fans*

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    ynot914 Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Pretikewl View Post
    FF13 is a given, but after playing the GoW3 demo, I'm not so sure it's going to live up to all the hype.

    I just finished Bayonetta recently, and that game just seemed so much more fast paced and "cooler" than GoW.

    *runs and hides from the GoW fans*
    I may be a little biased, but have you checked on Gametrailers special on GOW3? It's insanity.

    As for Bayonetta being "cooler"... I cannot believe you said that. I played the demo for it, and was incredibly annoyed at how lame that game is. The main female character is flat out annoying, her movements and mannerisms seriously pissed me off. The game could have been redeeming had them made a decent lead character, not some freaked up looking goth chik. Just my opinion.

    I am probably only grabbing GOW 3, and possibly Yakuza at a later date. Great month for gaming though

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    Virii2012 Guest
    Finally Final Fantasy XIII is here! will be buying that and GoW 3 most likely, just played the demo for yakuza 3 and i'll say the trailers made it look better than it plays for sure.

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    mikewwfman316 Guest


    Hey, they forgot about Quantum Theory

    NA March 26, 2010


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    Apr 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by mikewwfman316 View Post
    Hey, they forgot about Quantum Theory
    I added it to the first post now, and +Rep mikewwfman316!

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    e1ace Guest
    Just Final Fantasy XIII for me!

    Oh and Quantum Theory was delayed to late 2010. http://www.vg247.com/2010/02/02/quan...later-in-2010/

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    adrianc1982 Guest
    For the GTA 4 fans I highly recommend GTA liberty city storys. I've played this game on the X360 and comes with both dlc for gta4 the xbox360 got last year. The great thing about this disk in particular is thats a stand alone version meaning you dont need the GTA 4 disk to run it off which seems convenient if you want to sell, borrow or else your original disk.

    If you liked GTA4 please take a look at this title as you get two storys that intersect with nico of gta4. You will get also to make some missions with nico and see liberty city from another perspective and grab a snap of what else was going on in LC while nico was doing the main story. The game includes new weapons, new locations and the 3 storys are happening at once.

    You also get some new cool features that you didnt have before on GTA4 plus some stuff has been fixed. Riding a bike is easier now because you are glued to the sit while you could easily fall of in GTA4 and other stuff that Im pretty sure any fan will like. I loved the GTA4 and Im really please with this title, you cant go wrong if you played the first.

    I know the other two titles FFXIII and GoW3 are the stellars here but if you have the chance later this year dont forget about this title. I also will grab a copy of FFXIII and Im also missing some other games like bioshock 2 and uncharted 2. Also check out the psone classic grandia because its one hell of an RPG that could've been easily overlooked 10 years ago but its pretty amazing and almost or as good as chrono trigger. Cheers.

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