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    Sony PS3 and PSN Releases for the Month of September, 2010

    With September quickly approaching, PS3Center.net (linked above) has compiled a list of Sony PS3 and PSN video game releases for the new month.

    Those interested can check it out below, as follows, to quote:

    Here's the full list of games for PS3 in September:

    September 1st
    - Alien Breed Impact (PSN)

    September 7th 
    - Spider-man Shattered Dimensions
    - HAWX 2
    - RUSE
    - NHL 11
    - Start The Party (PS3 Exclusive)
    - EyePet (PS3 Exclusive)
    - Kung Fu Rider (PS3 Exclusive)
    - Sports Champions (PS3 Exclusive)

    September 14th
    - Racquet Sports
    - Legend of the Guardians
    - Cabela's North American Adventures
    - Flight Control HD (PSN)
    - Truth or Lies

    September 17th
    - PlayStation Move & Sub-controller (Hardware)
    - Brunswick Pro Bowling

    September 21st
    - F1 2010
    - High Velocity Bowling

    September 28th
    - Atelier Rorona:The Alchemists of Arland
    - LOTR: Aragorn's Quest
    - Shaun White Skateboarding
    - Front Mission Evolved
    - Battleground Chess
    - Dead Rising 2
    - John Daly's Prostroke Golf
    - FIFA Soccer 2011
    - Quantum Theory

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    - Cabela's North American Adventures
    Anxious about this one because I'm an avid hunter!

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