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Thread: Sony PS3 Game Releases for the Month of October, 2010

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    Sony PS3 Game Releases for the Month of October, 2010

    With next month swiftly approaching, today (linked above) has outlined the Sony PS3 game releases for the month of October, 2010.

    The list is available below, which includes three video games exclusive to PlayStation Move, to quote:

    Here's the full list of games coming for PS3 in October (dates may change):

    October 5th

    - Def Jam Rapstar
    - Enslaved
    - NBA 2K11
    - Rapala Pro Bass Fishing
    - Ben 10: Ultimate Alien
    - Castlevania: Lords of Shadow
    - John Daly's Prostroke Golf (Move compatible)

    October 12th

    - Disney Sing It Party Hits
    - The Shoot (PS Move-exclusive)
    - Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes
    - Medal of Honor
    - Ferrari The Race Experience (16th October Europe)

    October 19th

    - Pro Evolution Soccer 2011
    - Fallout New Vegas
    - Vanquish
    - Battle Vs Chess
    - Time Crisis: Razing Storm (PS Move-exclusive)
    - EA Sports MMA
    - SAW II
    - NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2
    - Rock Of The Dead
    - DJ Hero 2

    October 24th

    - Shaun White Skateboarding

    October 26th

    - WWE: Smackdown vs Raw 2011
    - Monopoly Streets
    - CSI: Fatal Conspiracy
    - Rock Band 3
    - The Fight: Lights Out (PS Move-exclusive)
    - Tony Hawk's Shred
    - Hasbro Family Game Night 3
    - Star Wars Force Unleashed 2
    - The Sims 3
    - TV Superstars (PS Move-exclusive)
    - Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 11 (Move compatible)
    - Bakugan: Defenders of the Core

    October 31st

    - Mindjack

    [imglink=|Sony PS3 Game Releases for the Month of October, 2010][/imglink]
    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    Mantagtj Guest
    medal of honour it is then this month ... - I don't really think there is anything decent there to be quite honest besides that! will have to see what next month brings (oh, well, at least its getting better) and I will prob be playing MOH all month to care really... c'mon guys get some emulators out lol, I think the ps3 scene is more exciting than release news now ha ha ha!!!

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    honyin Guest


    fallout new vegas for me..

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    msr Guest
    Only thing for me is pro evolution soccer 2011.

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    TRib Guest
    All these games most likely will come with mandatory update

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    swolern Guest
    Hello! Fight lights out is gonna be revolutionary with move and 3D. 3d gaming rocks!!

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    darkwolf flames Guest
    I really cant wait until i get the playstation move! i have known about it since august as so as the xbox kinect but i don't have an xbox. But the playstation move games are awsome to my veiw. my fav is sports champions.

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    Almo Guest
    pro evolution soccer 11 is the game that I am waiting for a whole while now.

    I hope they beat fifa this year... badly need some arcade soccer gaming.

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