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Thread: Sony: PS3 Blu-ray Issues Are Not Firmware-Related

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    Quote Originally Posted by PSPSwampy View Post
    Oh and CJ's right - the firmware update can easily include BD drive updates and yes they can DEFINATELY screw your drive up if they're badly coded!
    Ever since Sony denied there was a PS3 Slim coming I tend to take their statements with a grain of salt as well.

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    You said it!

    Wanna see example of bad sony coding? Check out the CONNECT player that came with the NW-A3000 MP3 player - Its AWFUL, worst software i've ever used!

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    I have never updated to 3.0 with the fear that I would lose functionally of my bluetooth remote and now that I begun to back up and play blu-ray disc with out a problem I’m sticking with 2.76.

    They can keep their online content.

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