Sony Associate Editor Nathan Ditum has shared a preview of FirstPlay Episode 32 today, which hits PlayStation Store this Wednesday.

To quote: This week - along with episode 32 of FirstPlay, which hits the Store this Wednesday, we've got an exclusive demo of life-swallowingly addictive boot-room sim Premier Manager. And that's just the start - let me guide you through what else we have in store.

Right underneath 'being eaten by dogspiders' and 'accidentally wearing crotchless chaps and no underwear to work', 'being invaded by Korea in the future' is top of my list of things I hope never happens.

So imagine how displeased I was to find that's exactly the plot of US-set occupation shooter Homefront, the tasty-looking blockbuster which we have a big preview of this week.

Alongside Homefront we're also going hands on with the sneaky, stabby online multiplayer of Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, rounding up a slew (that's right, a slew) of recent releases, and taking a look at the lean, mean Predators on Blu-ray.

And that's not all. In Network Highlights this week we preview another beautiful apocalypse in upcoming PSN shooter Dead Nation, chat to Tim Schafer about the making of Costume Quest, interview Deus Ex: Human Revolution art director Jean Jacques-Belletete and present our utterly spoilerific guide to beating the toughest bosses in Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow. Duck! Hit! And other instructions besides.

Rounding things off we have our screenshot galleries, which this week include the latest prettiness from the aforementioned Deus Ex, Splatterhouse, Hunted: The Demon's Forge and new PSN monster 'em up, Eat Them!

As always this comes for just 99p, or even less if you buy a 12 week subscription for 8.99. See the Future of PS3. First.

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