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    PS3 Square Button Sony Posts Giant Warhawk FAQ

    With Warhawk flying ever closer to release, PlayStation 3 owners are dying to know if the game will be worth their forty bucks (or sixty if you're going retail). Sony is kicking the hype to 11, beginning with an absolutely massive frequently asked question list at the PlayStation Blog.

    Warhawk director Dylan Jobe took the time to answer this wildly large group of questions. Here we present some of the more important questions with truncated answers:

    • Is the headset a limited time kinda thing? -- "No, not to my knowledge... At the end of the day it will depend on things like the contract with Jabra, Sales, etc."

    • Can multiple PSN accounts be logged-in at the same time during split-screen gameplay? -- "No. When you engage split-screen, the Warhawk real-time creates a temporary guest account."

    • Will there be downloadable content in the future? -- " assured that if the player-community wants new content, we'll be developing it!"

    • Can you play on your PS3 while you host a game server on the same PS3? -- "Yes. We call this a 'player server.' This mode supports 24-players *and* up to 4-way split."

    • Does Warhawk support the XMB buddy list? -- "Of course any 'buddy' that you have in the XMB will show up in your 'Warhawk Buddy Page.' From there you will see if they are online and what game they are in."

    • If I buy the retail version, do I have to have the Blu-ray in my PS3 to run Warhawk? -- Yes... But hey, one of the many advantages of the BD is that when you power-up your PS3 you can boot directly into the game."

    The full FAQ contains many more questions and some more elaboration on the ones we have here, so check it out, and if you're just dying for more Warhawk info, read up with 1UP's preview.

    Thanks to for sharing the news with us!

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    looks like its going to be fun for you ps3 owners
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    I want this game its fun hooya!

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    I'm still not decided on this. I like flying games but I'm really bad at them. I'm just worried that I will get frustrated and stop playing it.

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    No keyboard.. No mouse.. It's a no go

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    Quote Originally Posted by OnA XM202 View Post
    I'm still not decided on this. I like flying games but I'm really bad at them. I'm just worried that I will get frustrated and stop playing it.
    I used to be the same way. You really shouldn't think of it that way, think of it as "it's more fun to play with". It's just a game after all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xis View Post
    No keyboard.. No mouse.. It's a no go
    Need a mouse for sure if it is FPS, but my main concern is LAG, if you are going to run the game on your PS3 and then use it as a server too...gonna need a good upload speed. I will wait to hear the reports on this one.

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