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  1. #11
    zatoichi Guest
    I'm also having exactly same problem with an 8800GTS Windows 7 64-bit home edition-when trying to use Windows Media Center... any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

  2. #12
    darren76 Guest
    I am having a prob where the first channels is garbled but the next selected channel is fine.. this is very annoying as it won't record

    Does anybody have this issue and fixed it?


  3. #13
    simiot Guest
    My PlayTv has been playing up the last few days. I continuously get blue screens when using it on WMC. I just gave up & unplugged it. Has there been a driver update to fix this?

  4. #14
    simiot Guest
    I am having the same problem. It worked for a while but there must of been a WMC update that has affected it. I just get BSOD's too. Unpluggin it fixes that.

    I tried this method (avforums.com/forums/home-entertainment-pcs/1219177-sony-play-tv-windows-media-centre-windows-7-experiences-thread.html) but I couldn't get it working. It might work for you.

  5. #15
    Loremoon Guest
    Sorry to bring up an old thread, but does anyone know if this works for windows 8?

  6. #16
    valtamuo Guest
    Nice work

  7. #17
    useretail Guest
    I confirm that driver works in Windows Media Center.

  8. #18
    luckyjase Guest
    So what other programs apart from Windows Media Player does everyone use? Any good programs that can record?

  9. #19
    Pepesso Guest

  10. #20
    liujun0792 Guest
    cool to know, thanks

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