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    Will try it

    Will try it tomorrow. My PlayTV arrived 2day. Thx a lot 4 pointing this out.

    Now the PS3 Eye and PlayTV are working on XP.

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    Yeah this is some nice news, should be handy... Maybe port it to some other OS's as well if I have time.

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    very nice, thanks for sharing gringo !!

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    Great stuff, look forward to buying one and trying it out. thanks.

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    Great work, this is going to come really handy.

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    anyone know if playtv is out in australia, i haven't seen them at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1the1 View Post
    anyone know if playtv is out in australia, i haven't seen them at all.
    It had been reported that Australia will receive the Play TV accessory 2 months after Europe. However, more recent sources suggest it will be 2009.

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    What is DVT-B???

    Does this involve like an on-demand service like comcast/other cable companies offer already?

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    yay, now im defo going to get it, i was debating whether or not to get it, but i love doing things to devices that they wern't made for doing.

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    I'll give it a try at a friend's place with his playtv. I'll probably gonna get one myself after Thanks gringo!

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