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Thread: Sony PlayStation Home for PlayStation 3 is Live, but Tech Issues

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    Sony PlayStation Home for PlayStation 3 is Live, but Tech Issues

    From TedTheDog, PlayStation Home Community Manager today:

    * Technical updates are progressing and as you have probably seen the 1.03 patch is available for existing users already but the service remains unavailable whilst work is carried out

    * Service should be back up everywhere early PM UK time although theres no specific time as theres a long list of actions being worked through in Europe, America, Asia and Japan

    * New comers to the service will find the Home icon on their XMB once we activate it. You wont have to look for it, it will be easy to spot and will appear under PlayStationŽNetwork. However, if you are online on your PS3 when we activate it you will need to restart your PS3 for it to appear. Watch these forums for news on when that is. It will work like [email protected] in that the icon will be there and you'll download the service when you first select it.

    Edit 3pm: Still progressing nicely, now on the testing stage. No eta still as I wouldnt want to guess how long it will take for each region to verify its elements are working but we're getting there.

    Edit 3:15pm: Not there yet, the testing is still going on, but I wanted to mention a couple of other things that need clarification.

    The Far Cry2 and Uncharted spaces will not be available in our region today as the localisation and testing phase is not yet complete. They will follow on later.

    Additonally the Diesel and Ligne Roset content will be added next week at the same time as the Red Bull Air Race.

    Edit 4:25pm: Testing complete and a couple of technical problems have been found. We need to iron these issues out first and I'm waiting to hear how long that might take (I'm not qualified to even guess, its very technical). Apologies, I know you all want to get in but we must get these things right. And please remember, this is a beta and today is our first step into the Open Beta environment and what we're doing today is part of the beta process itself.

    Edit 5:55: Apologies for the delay in an update, you may have noticed a PSN outage in the last hour. Things seem back on track now although the outage delayed us a little we are moving again. Hope to have another update soon.

    Edit 8:15pm: Very sorry about the delay here. The PSN outage really set us back a while but things are picking up again. And apologies for the delay in updates, I had to get home to continue with this. Looks like we're not far off now though.

    Edit 9pm: As you can all now see, its up and running. Sorry about the delays this evening but we're there now and the team are keen to see how everything works with so many people. More PlayStation 3 News...

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