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Thread: Sony PlayStation Hints on New Hardware Revealed at E3 2010

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    Sony PlayStation Hints on New Hardware Revealed at E3 2010

    The Electronic Entertainment Expo is set to begin this week, and according to Sony's PlayStation E3 2010 site they are set to reveal new hardware at this year's conference.

    Excluding the PlayStation Motion Controller, it is more likely a PSP2 may be revealed this year over the recently rumored PS4.

    To quote: "According to the official Sony E3 site, Sony will showcase new hardware on Tuesday: E3 2010 is coming! Meet us here to see what awesome games and hardware is being revealed!

    While some speculate a PSP2 announcement from Sony is a possibility, the best bet right now would be another revision of the current PSP hardware with a design more akin to that of the PSPGo or the hardware simply being the Move controller.

    Sony is set to take stage at E3 in just over 2-days, so we'll know for certain then."

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    Mexicodude908 Guest
    It could just mean the MOVE controller and new games. I wouldn't rule psp2 out but i still don't think Sony would announce this for the holidays because then why would people still buy a pspGO when they could just wait.

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    inginear Guest
    i'm pretty sure the new hardware that they refer to is the motion controller. i would very much like to see a new psp that still uses the umd, or a ps4, but i'm not getting my hopes up. hell, the new hardware may even just be a pair of 3d shutter glasses with sony's name on the side.

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    saviour07 Guest
    I cant scan in images but in the latest edition of PSM3 (issue 128) on page 26 (the insider) it says:
    "PSP2 is looking increasingly certain, after being pretty much confirmed by Lost Planet 2's Jun Takeuchi in this very magazine. The new handheld is rumoured to have two camers's (one facing forward) and a touch screen, although will still retain the familiar button layout. Let's hope it has two analogue sticks, eh?"

    I can't find the article that they're refering to about Takeuchi confirming the PSP2's existence, but when I do I'll post it up here for people to read

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    Mexicodude908 Guest
    hey good story however I would still not say that means an E3 premier. I think everyone is certain there is a PSP2 but when they announce it or how it is built/looks is up for debate. I would like to see a touchscreen but we shall see

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    saviour07 Guest
    Yeh it doesn't mention an E3 showing specifically, just that it's pretty much a definate hardware iteration that will come up some time soon. I'm reading through the entire mag to find what Takeuchi has said which makes this a confirmation but yet to find it!

    I hope that two analogue sticks is something the new PSP is blessed with, and I think touch screen was a given to be honest! the two camera's is interesting though because it suggests video call's or something similar... PSP with a phone reception??
    Let's hope eh

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    Chivafighter Guest
    I wouldnt mind a psp phone, i'd proudly bust it out. But, im thinking its a The Move, Could sony really sacrifice their current money loss on the PSPGo and PSP Slim model for a PSP2?

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    CodeKiller Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Chivafighter View Post
    Could sony really sacrifice their current money loss on the PSPGo and PSP Slim model for a PSP2?
    Well, if they ride a dead horse, it's time to change..

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    Mexicodude908 Guest
    I dunno like i keep saying I think Sony may hold back on the announcement unless they don't have any other big stories to consume the time.

    If they announce a PSP2 there goes all of the money that is coming in off of current psp's because who wants to buy a gaming system then buy another one months later.

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    Warrorar Guest
    i'm 100% sure there will be no ps4. i think its more possible that they will improve the ps3 system over updates or some tricks like at the super nintendo.. like a usb dongle for improvment 3d technology, better graphic or something like that.

    technical improvements, but no new hardware console.

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