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    bitsbubba Guest
    The 2 dollar one probably have a better picture.

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    clouduzz Guest
    wow! never seen them any cheaper! (sarcasm) Well you know sony, overcharge the uneducated. Even if they sold them 2 half the price they might sell and would still make a profit, but geed takes over.

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    moja Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by korn16ftl3 View Post
    you watch 1 month after launch they will have an "optional" FW update that makes it so the PS3 will only function with THEIR HDMI cables

    do yourself a favor and don't get one feeding the sue happy monster is not necessarily a good thing, look at there past in this gen alone, taking away other OS, removing PS2 BC, PSN getting hacked after they knew that every thing was reversed and documented and STILL did nothing to protect its consumers, sued the crap out of talented people being whiny cry babies and all this great anti consumer stuff they have been pulling this gen and you want to feed the monster more $$$ so they can keep screwing the consumer?
    lol, yeah man I think he was joking, but point taken.

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    DemonoidMaster Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by bitsbubba View Post
    The 2 dollar one probably have a better picture.
    Lol, that would be so funny if sony was all like "ah mah gawd our new HDMI cable is best HDMI cable hurr hurr" but in actual state it'll be like this, "30$ HDMI Sony cable-- 2$ no name brand cable, yes!"

    Sony is overpricing their stuff like Monster does... idk how they come up with this kind of logic of making us pay for a HDMI cable (even still, it's just some HDMI cable with their name on it... nothing special about the damn thing lol)

    PS: and who the heck uses a damn 3meter cable ?? like seriously.. A normal human being would have it hooked up right next to each other or near each other.. such fail logic $ony..

    PSS: find the fault on the page LOL http://www.scei.co.jp/corporate/release/110808_e.html

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