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SCEE's PlayStation 3 Producer Katy O'Brien has announced today that round one of their campaign dubbed 'PS3 The Game' is ending on February 15, 2010.

To quote: I'm Katy and I have been working on the PS3 campaign, "The Game". For those of you who have been involved, you may know that round one is coming to an end.

Team A are currently in the lead but Team B is making a brave come back and if our Facebook community have got anything to do with it, Team B are going to steal back the lead in the final days, while Team A will be left wondering where it all went wrong! (That's their plan anyway!)

If you don't know about The Game, go to www.PS3-TheGame.com to find out all about it. If you have a Facebook account, sign in using the Facebook Connect option - it's the quickest way in. (I'm "kishkash" by the way - follow me, challenge me, try to beat me!)

Round one finishes on February 15th. The winning team will be able to gloat horribly and will also get an exclusive Home T-shirt and billboard to reward their efforts (see pic below). There'll also be an exclusive PC screensaver for the winning team and a scoreboard wallpaper (PC) for everyone who took part, whichever the team.

To get involved before the end of the round, head to www.PS3-TheGame.com and to discuss strategy, team kit and winning (or losing), head to Facebook and become a fan:

Click here for Team A

Click here for Team B

Sony: PS3 The Game - Round One Ends on February 15, 2010

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