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Thread: Sony: PlayStation 3 is Future-Proof, Will Last Longer Than PS2

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    Starlight Guest

    Sony: PlayStation 3 is Future-Proof, Will Last Longer Than PS2

    Against all odds, the PlayStation 2 is still hanging around, though it's ailing rapidly. According to Sony though, the PlayStation 3 will last even longer. To quote:

    Speaking to T3 via CVG, a Sony rep made a statement that discourages the thought of expecting a PlayStation 4 anytime soon.

    "PS2 was still going strong after eight years, and with the power the Cell processor provides, not to mention the fact that PS3 is inherently future-proof, we see the PS3 sales curve far outlasting that of PS2."

    Meanwhile, most analysts seem to think that new consoles will be hitting in 2011 or 2012. The PlayStation 3 is indeed a powerful console, so it'll be interesting to see if developers can continue unlocking the machine's full potential four or even five years down the road.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    sorceror Guest
    It does seem like having the least expensive console is a powerful advantage. (PS2 last generation, Wii this one.) Hanging onto the PS3 for a while into the next gen may be a way for Sony to do that.

    And, if they wait a bit to release the PS4, they can design it to be a bit less expensive to manufacture than the "Xbox 720" or whatever...

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    djm3266 Guest
    i agree, ps3 has the tech that can last much longer than alot of consoles out at the moment.. and even ones that are coming out in the future.

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    Mooshywooshy Guest
    Yeah, with the BLU Ray, video store, and powers the PS3 is set for a long time

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    shayn5255 Guest


    Yes the PS3 does have technology that will be around for many years to come, as in it will probably not become obsolete, however things like graphics, and processor speeds for more demanding games may cause limits in the future, hence a new console would have to be released.

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    hellospaceboy Guest
    Im already looking forward to a slim lol jk

    The PS3 tech will last a long time if Sony don't mess up, this year they need

    • more backwards compatability, which is already implemented but disabled
    • more DLC, full trophy support (Sony have a policy now of no trophies no release)
    • A lot more store releases and not just on a Thursday
    • More PS1 and PS2 titles on the store, which I think Sony are holding out for when the PS2 finally gets discontinued and then we will see a difference in store content
    • Some cool XMB features (like a video editor), maybe a rehaul, its been around since PSX, so maybe an option to change the menu system would be cool, some people dont like the XMB.
    • The music and video stores for Europe they've been waiting for approval on.
    • RSX otherOS access (maybe not so important to most)
    • Win over 3rd parties support.
    • Demos always released before the game release date (why would Sony release some demos afterwards )

    It's easy to say all of that, but its a lot of work for a company with 3 consoles while the others only focus on 1 each. And if they did implement most of what I said above, some people would want other features, so its hard for them to please everyone.

    Most importantly, they need a price drop!

    Once they ditch the PS2 Sony will be able to focus more on the PS3, and so will the developers.

    In terms of capabilities, the PS3 will last a long time, because of Bluray etc.

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    deelar Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by hellospaceboy View Post
    Im already looking forward to a slim lol jk

    The PS3 tech will last a long time if Sony don't mess up, this year they need

    Most importantly, they need a price drop!
    Yes! PS3 Price drop is the most important point beside bluray discs price that makes PS3 more last a long time

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