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Thread: Sony PlayStation 3 Firmware 2.50: Black And White Video Problem

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    Sony PlayStation 3 Firmware 2.50: Black And White Video Problem

    The latest Sony PS3 Firmware 2.50 update added many great features to all of our Playstation 3ís, but we are also getting many reports of problems as well. The main problem with the latest update seems to be related to the DivX VOD addition.

    Some users have video displaying in black and white, although it worked fine before updating. You can read some of the problems users have reported below, feel free to share a comment once reading.

    If you have video on your HD donít get if you have an SD TV unless you like black and white, I found out the hard way.

    I downloaded 2.50 yesterday, I also have same problem with my videos showing only in black and white plus small difference in sound. I really hope that Sony fixes this bug fast, because this is not what I paid for. Also Iím very disappointed over the freezing of GTA IV still not fixed.

    Itís completely stopped my current DivX movies from working correctly! (Black and white, funny lines at the top of my screen) I didnít pay R6000 for this. What gives?

    About 100gb of films I have are now black and white... not Alfred Hitchcock ones either, ones from my PC through media server and AVI files on disc do the same, yet before the update they worked fine.

    Since the update some of my MPEG videos are in black and white both from the HDD and DVD. Any word on solutions yet? More PlayStation 3 News...

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    justmono Guest


    The *ONLY* working solution to date is change the videos FPS to 25.. this can be done using virtualDUB or even faster and easier with a handy tool called "avifrate".

    dl it at and change the the videos fps to 25. usually theres absolutely no difference when watching, just to be safe remember the old fps.

    now copy/stream it over and it will play in color again!

    i know this sucks but its better than nothing.

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    hibone Guest
    I'm not having the B/W issue but I am having issues with the video playback over wireless since the update.

    The Kbps on DivX will plummet from around 500 kbps down to 40 or 50Kbps and the video will stutter. It doesnt happen to TV shows that are MPEG-4. Only to full length films that are being streamed. Blu-ray and DVD both play back fine.

    Anyone else having the same trouble?

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