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    Starlight Guest

    Are Sony PlayStation 3 Exclusive Titles Cursed by the Media?

    PS3 exclusives have a way of getting dissed by the general public and media before they are given a chance. The more superstitious fanboy might even call it a PS3 curse.

    Let's run down the list: Lair became an industry whipping boy filling up YouTube with spastics that flailed SIXAXIS controllers with reckless abandon.

    Ninja Theory's gorgeous Heavenly Sword wasn't measured on its own merits, but was held up against the standard that should be reserved for God of War.

    Sega's stellar Valkyria Chronicles is seemingly invisible to the majority of mainstream gamers. Resistance 2 hasn't seen the sales a title of its caliber deserves. It's almost as if we've collectively banded together to repeatedly punish Ken Kutargi for his oft-echoed and ill-advised comments of "People will get a second job to buy the PS3." No, Ken. We didn't.

    Then Killzone 2 dropped. If the PS3 has ever seen a game changer this is it. Strangely, the PS3 has been having a couple of great weeks. The launch of Yakuza 3 during the first week of March sparked a fury of PS3 console sales across the sea in Japan.

    The PS3 outsold all other consoles including the dominant Nintendo handhelds in its home market. Over here, Killzone 2 moved 750,000 units in its opening weekend alone. It instantly became the third highest selling PS3 game ever.

    This situates the title amongst the chosen few; trailing only behind Metal Gear Solid 4 and Grand Theft Auto IV. Not bad for a title that was steeped in nothing but controversy, hype, and an underwhelming prequel.

    Has the curse finally been lifted? Is Killzone 2 the Halo killer Sony has oft dreamed of? So far, Killzone 2 has managed to do the impossible. It has not only met the insatiable expectation of fanboys but it has been regularly exceeding them.

    Graphically, the game is being hailed as one of the most stunning of this console generation, no small feat considering the lofty expectations placed on the title due to its E3 2005 trailer.

    The online play is robust with a squad based leveling system. The single player campaign is epic; the voice acting is striking; and the trophy support stellar. At last, Sony via Guerilla Games has delivered an exclusive title that has been both critically well received and has avoided strange fan outcry.

    Well, almost. There's that lingering issue with the realistic, heavier controls; silly really, I mean it's readily changeable in the option menus. If you are too lazy to scroll down to the menu to modify your own controls- throw out your controller, forget about logging onto that gaming Internet forum, just go outside and rediscover sunshine.

    Killzone 2 represents the future of the PS3. The success of this title virtually guarantees that we will see a sequel or a large of offering of downloadable content before too long. Sony now has a very bankable and marketable franchise.

    From a marketing perspective, Killzone 2 has a unique art design and a grandiose action movie vibe that got legs in a crowded FPS market. Guerilla games has truly outdone themselves and refashioned their profile into one of a premier developer.

    The experience that this team has gained in utilizing the cell processor will hopefully be traded amongst all of the internal development studios at Sony. In fact, Guerilla games have set the bar for quality amongst all game companies pursing the PS3 audience.

    Other developers and publishers can no longer satisfy the expectations of PS3 gamers with subpar ports built upon the Xbox 360 infrastructure. More importantly, far from being cursed, Killzone 2 has become the game to beat this generation.

    More PlayStation 3 News...

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    BlingOnMyWrist Guest

    Big Grin

    I have to let you know that, although I know you don't care, my brother is a supreme Xbox 360 fanboy. He hates EVERYTHING about the PlayStation 3. Every once in a while he will play some LittleBigPlanet with me but, gets bored easily.

    Since the release of Killzone 2, he had been more impatient for it to come in the mail than I had. I received the game one week after it's release and I haven't hardly been able to lay a finger on my own game. My brother absolutely loves Killzone 2.

    Sorry if my story wasn't exactly the most exciting but, it really showed me that Killzone 2 can even attract the most avid fanboy from a competing console.

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    tworok Guest
    very well said,

    i can't wait to get my hands on killzone2, what i noticed is that xbox fanboys are quiet, is that because killzone2 shut their big mouths? or are they trying to remember an xbox360 game with better graphics/gameplay?

    PS: i'm not a fanboy of any console, i just hate the way people critisize the ps3 just because they can't afford it or because they refuse to pay the higher price... it's worth every penny, go buy it and/or shut up

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    beanhead Guest
    I have to agree. I have owned Wii, 3 x XBOX360's and a PS3, and now I only have a PS3.

    I'm not a fanboy of any sort, but I have to agree once the PS3 is paid for its nothing but value. My best mate, who is a massive XBOX360 fanboi, just went out and bought a PS3 Killzone 2 bundle because he saw me playing it and was absolutley WOWED by it.

    I think that KZ2 is definitely the game that will bring in the fanboys, although there are some amazing games out at the moment, that sadly, due to Sony have CR*P advertising for them, aren't selling very well.

    I turned on the TV this morning, and have already seen 3 adverts for the GTA DLC, yet can't remember the last PS3 advert I saw, maybe LBP in the Cinema at xmas!!!

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    tokejoker Guest
    i always hear from firends that the xbox is so much better, much more games etc, but fact is i got a xbox to join em, but its been collecting dust ever since i got it, all the games i realy enjoyed 08 were on my ps3, mgs4,uncharted,resistance and cod 4 of course, now all i play is killzone, and selling my xbox as soon as i can...

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    GZA1984 Guest
    Killzone 2 is absolutely a great game and is certainly showing what next gen gaming is all about (graphic-wise). People complaing about it are either ignorant fools or have never played the game before. Especially those that complain about the graphics

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    cartridge87 Guest
    I used to be a loyal Nintendo fan, but that ended abruptly when I realized there are more Wii games based on movies than games with Mario in it. I desparatly needed a reason to buy a ps3, but other than littlebigplanet I couldn't think of too many titles I was interested in. That all changed when I noticed the Killzone 2 tv advert was made entirely out of in game graphics. To say the least I was impressed enough to buy it, and besides the lack in offline multiplayer (i.e. Goldeneye for N64) I've enjoyed every minute of it.

    I guess ps3 exclusive titles are only affected by this curse if they don't show how the graphics look during the game. A lot of adverts for video games are purely game cinematics (i.e. Halo Wars). But with MGS4, GTA4, LBP and Killzone2, nearly (if not, all) of their advertisements are done with in game graphics, and as a result has benefited from the media.

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    devinbedari Guest

    Question Wha!

    They are just jealous, because they are not releasing MGS4, God of War 3, Killzone 2, etc on PC,360 or Wii (for those losers do not respect the PS3). I have like 5 friends who had the PS1 & 2, but are now hooked to the 360 and yap off about how the PS3 sucks...They probably couldn't wait until the PS3 was released. I don't care. I waited for my PS3, and my only regret is that it has not been hacked... yet. PS3 is King!

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