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Thread: Sony: PlayStation 3 Console is Not Just for Games Anymore

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    Sony: PlayStation 3 Console is Not Just for Games Anymore

    Sony's PlayStation 3 Marketing Manager Kim Nguyen announced that starting tonight their Video Delivery Service campaign officially launches, with our first airing on Monday Night Football.

    To quote: When the Video Delivery Service launched on July 15th, we broadened our content offering to include TV shows and movies to make the PS3 the total entertainment package.

    With nearly 1000 full-length movies and 2700 TV episodes for download onto the PS3 or PSP, the Video Delivery Service brings you digital entertainment right into your living room (popcorn not included). So check out great titles like The Dark Knight, Hancock, Iron Man, Family Guy, and much more.


    The TV spot uses humor to convey that the PS3 is not just a gaming machine but also a "movie downloading machine" when a guy tries to win over his skeptical girlfriend.

    You'll have to watch the TV spot to find out how this classic guy vs. girl face-off plays out to see who wins in the end. More PlayStation 3 News...

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    jaydude Guest
    download movies ? you must be kidding. the wifi is so slow i can't even stand browsing the internet with it, let alone downloading games or movies. And that is with a broadband connection coming into the router that averages 4 mbps. Trying to dload a ps3 update via wifi is cruel and unusual punishment.

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    zoned Guest
    mine has never been just a games machine, it was mainly purchased as both a games machine and a blu ray player. If it was not for the blu ray i may have ended up with an xbox.

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